The Internet Cannot Stop Cringing Over This Viral Gulab Jamun Paratha
Image Credit: Pixabay

As if Masala Dosa Ice cream and Roohafza Maggi were not enough to make us gag, we have yet another food combination that would make your head spin. Apparently, a street food vendor has decided to fuse gulab jamun and paratha in one dish, and needless to say, netizens are not impressed. While we are all for good fusion food, but where does one draw the line?

For the uninitiated, Gulab Jamun is a famous dessert of the subcontinent, that comprises deep-fried khoya and maida balls that are dipped in saffron-infused sugar syrup. Did you know Gulab Jamun which are now found across all Indian Mithai shops, is not native to India? They were in fact brought over from Persia, and further developed in Indian kitchens. Now, of course, Gulab Jamun are seen in ice creams and shakes, but a Gulab Jamun Paratha, is still something that is hard to digest.  

A reel created by Instagrammer @foodxdelhi, captures an Agra street food vendor who rolls out a regular atta dough for a paratha, but instead of stuffing it with aloo, paneer or gobhi, he goes on to grab two gulab jamun, dripping with chashni, places them in the centre of the paratha and crushes it. Further he seals the edges of the dough containing gulab jamun and rolls it out flat using his rolling pin. Then he places the paratha on a tawa that is hot with a handful of oil. He fries the paratha on both sides until it is brown and crisp, and serves it with a dollop of chashni.  

The paratha is in no way savoury, and if you are used to having cheeni wala paratha, then maybe, this is something you can try after leaving all your preconceived notions behind. The reel has garnered over 1 million views so far, and bunch of mixed reactions.  

Bas yahi karna reh gaya tha( this was the only thing left to see)”, wrote a user. “Na gulab jamun ka swaad- na hi Parantha ka (neither can you enjoy the taste of gulab jamun, nor the paratha)”, wrote another. However, there were some who genuinely seemed impressed too, “ That’s really amazing yaar”, wrote a user.

Would you like to try the gulab jamun paratha? Do let us know.