Rasam is a hot and spicy soup from South India. While it can be eaten as a soup on its own, it is more commonly served as a side dish with rice, puttu, idiyappam, or dosa. It is also served with sambar rice and curd rice as part of a traditional South Indian lunch. Rasam has a distinct flavour and consistency when compared to sambar, owing to its own seasonings and ingredients. Chilled, prepared rasam, as well as rasam paste in bottles, are commercially available. 



Rasam is a Sanskrit word that signifies "essence" and, by extension, "liquid" or "soup." In south Indian households, rasam is popularly made in the form of soup that is prepared with a sweet-sour stock made from kokum or tamarind, tomato, lentils, spices, and a garnish. 

According to legend, Rasam was discovered during the Pandiyan period. When the ruling king's son became unwell and refused to eat anything, a decree was issued that any dish prepared by a cook that the prince would eat would reward the cook with a bag of gold coins. Karunas, a humble Brahmin priest, chose to take part in the rewarding quest. He decided to test his luck with a dish he had created. He blended locally accessible ingredients and seasonal vegetables such as lemon, curry leaves, gooseberries, pineapple, black pepper, salt, and turmeric before boiling them in water.

 It turned out to be a tasty dish, and when it was served to the prince, he not only recovered but also declared the soup a state favourite. As a result, gooseberry and pineapple rasam made their way into royal kitchens and Indian history.

Here is a list of restaurants in Delhi that serve the best rasam: 


If you enjoy the buzz of a town since locations that are too quiet are uninteresting, then this is the place for you. They serve the best Udupi Masala Dosai and Naivedyam Maharaja Thali, although there are many other alternatives to choose from. For starters, you are served a glass of hot, spicy rasam and crisp papads. This is the place to go to if you want to enjoy a good south Indian meal with a great vibe.

Price for two: ₹500


When it comes to offering the humble Dosa or the Kotthu Parotta, this elegant South Indian vegetarian restaurant, spanning three storeys, has it all down pat. The walls are adorned with vibrant paintings from the South. Each painting is based on a Purana narrative. There are 21 distinct types of dosa on the menu, all of which are thin, crisp, and cooked to perfection. The rasam is as good as it can be. You can feel all the flavours blended perfectly with each sip.

Price for two: ₹600

Saravana Bhavan

Their convenient location is very handy, and it is frequently filled with hungry tourists searching for a bite to eat. Their fresh preparations, which are highly praised by all of their customers, allow one to genuinely taste the joy of simple yet delicious meals. This place is very popular among Delhiites and will never break your bank. Their rasam is a classic and traditional south Indian recipe that will surely provide a treat to your taste buds. 

Price for two: ₹500

Shree Rathnam

This is the place to go the next time you have a craving for South or North Indian cuisine, as well as Chinese! This restaurant is known for its breakfast offerings, but it also provides a variety of other dishes. The prices are reasonable, and the quality is excellent. Their rasam idli and rasam vada are delicacies that are worth trying. 

Price for two: ₹700

Guruprasad Udupi

Udupi has been every Delhiite's go-to south Indian restaurant at some point in their life. It's a family restaurant known for its hearty South Indian cuisine and aromatic filter coffee, but it also serves up delicious North Indian and Chinese fare. It has distinct kitchens for each cuisine and is committed to offering high-quality meals. Their rasam vada with papad is a great starter that will startle your taste buds. They also serve rasam with their south Indian Thali which is a great package of south Indian cuisine. 

Price for two: ₹550