The Growing Popularity Of Best Indian Red Wine
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Indian red wine is becoming increasingly popular among wine enthusiasts the world over, and for good reason. Not only is it full of vibrant flavors and aromas, but it's also made with grapes that are grown on Indian terroir, making for a truly unique experience. With a broad selection of grape varieties, styles, and flavor profiles, it can be difficult to pick the best Indian red wine. Fortunately, we've done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the top-rated Indian red wines. From fruity and sweet to bold and tannic, these wines are sure to please any palate. So, if you're looking to explore the wonderful world of Indian red wine, look no further.

Indian reds are quite distinct, given the nature of Indian terroir and the extensive pruning the plants are subjected to. The country’s tropical climate, too, influences the flavor of the grape and the aging of wines in barrels.

La Reserve Grover Zampa

This stunning blend of cabernet sauvignon and shiraz is one of the best reds to come out of the Grover Zampa vineyard, with a long list of awards across a range of vintages to prove it. The 2016 vintage of this wine won silver at the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Competition, followed by a bronze at the same event just two years later. This wine is full-bodied, with pronounced notes of stone fruit, oak, and tobacco on the nose, which translates into the palate, where it is joined by notes of berries and raisins. The wine pairs excellently with spicy dishes such as kebabs and biryani and just as well with milder dishes like spaghetti puttanesca or a cheese platter. This wine will set you back Rs. 1175* per bottle.

Cabernet Sauvignon Sula The Source

This red is part of Sula’s "The Source" series, a collection of three wines that aims to show the best of each style while placing an emphasis on sustainable production. The wine has a short run in French oak before it is bottled in order to add to the complexity of the final beverage. The wine has cherry and the slightest hint of oak on the nose, which also makes it onto the palate, where it is joined by flavors such as blackberry, plum, and blueberry. This wine, like the Grover, goes well with spicy dishes like laal maas and Thai red curry, as well as milder dishes like malai paneer and stir-fried morels. The wine retails at rupees 1250*.


Sula Rasa Zinfandel

Yet another wonderful red from the Sula stable, this jammy wine is a true zinfandel, with a lush, fruity body preceded by a full bouquet of red fruit. This wine is sure to suit those who prefer fruitier wines with a hint of spice. The wine makes an excellent pairing with tomato-based or acidic dishes, like spaghetti bolognese and General Tso's chicken. The fruit of the zinfandel may also complement rich, creamy dishes like white sauce pasta or malai paneer. A bottle of this wine will cost you Rs. 1595.

Fratelli J’NOON Red 2017 

a potent blend made with four different grape varieties, namely, cabernet sauvignon (79%), sangiovese (7%), marcelan (7%), and cabernet franc (7%). This wine was concocted by wine industry legend Jean-Charles Boisset with the aim of creating a wine with a pronounced cabernet character supported by a backbone of complex tannins. The wine is surprisingly light on the palate, which consists of berries, plum, and chocolate, preceded by a nose of leather with hints of tobacco. This wine is quite dry, making it an excellent pairing with rich foods such as seared pork belly or funky cheeses such as roquefort or gorgonzola. The J’Noon Red retails for rupees 4000*. 


Charosa Reserve Tempranillo

Charosa Vineyards is one of the few, if not the only, winemakers in the country that sells 100% tempranillo. This bottle is the most aromatic on this list, featuring a bouquet of red fruit that is reminiscent of raspberry lollipops and candied strawberries, with hints of chocolate and coconut. The wine is quite dry and full-bodied owing to having spent a full year aging in French oak barrels. As a result, the wine complements rich, spicy dishes such as chorus gravy and murgh tikka masala.Alternatively, the wine may be paired with a mild cheese, such as manchego or mozzarella. Depending on the vintage, this wine will cost you anywhere between Rs 1510 and Rs 5000.

*All prices are in Mumbai, India.