4 Easy-to-Make Delicious Red Wine Cocktails
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

Classy, irresistible aroma and addictive taste are what we can think of when it comes to red wines. They can make any party a lot more charming and fun. Made with red grape juice and soaked in its skin, stem, and seeds, these wines have a distinct rich taste. In India, traces of wine consumption go back to the vedic era. However, it became a part of lifestyle during the 80s when middle-class people were heading towards luxurious goods. Today red wines are very common and are considered a beverage option for our parties and events. It's perfect for an evening date, goes well with red meats, and of course good for your skin health. If you have a circle of wine enthusiasts and would like to experiment with that gorgeous red bottle on your shelf, then here are 4 red wine cocktails for you.

Red wine spritzer

This is a very easy and quick cocktail to make. It is similar to sangria but takes less time. Just some red wine with soda water and orange slices. That's all you need to have in order to make this fruity red wine cocktail.

Red wine negroni

This cocktail idea with Italian roots is great for afternoon get-togethers involving light meals. 2oz red vermouth, 2oz bitter campari, an orange slice, 2oz gin, and shredded ice are all that's needed.

Peach red wine cocktail

Peaches with red wine go smooth. Suitable to start any party, a peach red wine cocktail can be prepared with 8oz Barolo wine, a small peach and lemon juice. You can further decorate it with peace cubes and mint.

Fruit and sparkling red wine cocktail

Craving for something fruity with your strong wine? If yes, go for fruit and sparkling red wine cocktail. It's a mixed fruit sangria-like drink that involves everything from kiwis to pineapples and of course cinnamon. Serve with your favourite garnishings and make your celebrations more fun.