The Great Indian Kitchen Hindi Remake Highlights Home Cooking

When the Malayali film called The Great Indian Kitchen released worldwide early in 2023, women and home cooks and housewives everywhere gravitated towards the movie because of its strong premise and narrative centred around a newlywed woman’s struggles in the kitchen. And now, a Hindi remake of the same movie, titled Mrs and starring Sanya Malhotra in the lead role, is all set to make its world premiere at the Talinn Black Nights Film Festival.  

In anticipation of this world premiere, a teaser of Mrs has also been released, which features Sanya Malhotra, Nishant Dahiya and Kanwaljit Singh in prime roles. The story revolves around Sanya Malhotra’s character, Richa, who gets married and moves to her in-laws' home—and there finds it a struggle to fit into the conservative role of daughter-in-law. In the teaser, she is warned at one point that she must “follow the rules”, to which Sanya’s character adamantly responds by asking what if she doesn’t want to.  

Video Credit: YouTube/Jio Studios

Helmed by Arati Kadav, the initial teaser of Mrs showcases one of the main highlights of the film—food—in just a few snippets. For those unaware, this Hindi remake of The Great Indian Kitchen, like the original, also narrates the story of a woman who finds her voice through the kitchen and the power it gives. In a few flashes in the Mrs teaser, one can easily spot a plethora of dishes and cuisines that are expected to be featured in the movie. 

In the very first shot, one can see a delicate, thin papad being fried up. Next up comes a shot of coclocasia leaves being slathered with a gram flour batter, indicating that the Maharashtrian dish called Aluwadi is being prepared. Then flow in an array of dishes being prepared by Sanya Malhotra’s character, from Chicken Biryani to Bharwa Karela. At one point, Kanwaljit Singh’s character also tells Richa that the dish she has made is a Pulao not a Biryani because it has been cooked in a cooker! 

At one point, Sanya Malhotra can even be seen dancing around with a bouquet of coriander leaves. And in what is clearly the most resplendent of shots in the teaser, one can see a whole array of stunning sweets prepared and decorated as if for a lavish feast. If the teaser for the film is anything to go by, Mrs is going to be an inspiring tale of a housewife finding her voice through food, home cooking and the kitchen.