The Flavours Of Punjab Served Right At The “Dhaba”
Image Credit: Fish Tikka / Pic

Punjabi food is known for its robust flavours, play of spices and of course not to miss the utterly butterly taste. The cuisine sees a This cuisine sees a rich tradition many distinct and local way that are used in cooking and not miss the quintessential tandoor. The flavours and taste are heavily influenced by the agriculture and farming way of life the roots of which can be traced back to ancient Indus Valley civilization. 

And when we talk of Punjabi food one place that tops the list for this is Dhaba at The Claridges which is hosting the Punjabi Food Festival called Pind Da Swad with Chef Harangad Singh. Harangad has given this cuisine its much desired due recognition at his personal brand Parat and Delhities cant stop boasting about it. 

Chef Mahavir, Chef Harangad Singh and Chef Vivek Rana 

 To cater to those who are seeking heavenly Punjabi food, the main course section includes a range of mouthwatering dishes like Murga Tari Wala, Khatta Murgh Sirka Pyaaz, and Cooker Meat, Martabaan Meat, Meethi Machi Curry, and Jhing Tawa Masala. Making a choice from the vegetarian main course section one can order Ghutwa Palak Wadi, Khumb Hara Pyaaz, Kadhi Pakoda, Baingan Bharta, Tarachand Paneer Bhurji, and Amritsari Daal with a choice of rice in options such as Kaale Moti da Pulao and Meat Chawal.

And yes, no meal is complete without the legendary Amritsari Choley Kulche and the doodh jablei. A true Punjabi meal surely needs some sugar rush. Food connoisseurs can choose from rich desserts like Atte Da Halwa, Kheer, and Dudh Jalebi to end the divine meal on a sweet note. He surely has taken care of the nuances and finer details and has left no stone unturned. Each dish sees his signature touch. 

Dry Pinni Halwa by Harangad Singh


    Tawa Roti - 5 number 

    Breakfast sugar - 200 gms 

    Ghee - 3 tablespoons 

    Elaichi powder - 20 gms 


    Dry tawa roti overnight and churn it in mixer next day 

    Roast the curbed roti with ghee till it turns brown and crispy and put it in a bowl

    Add breakfast sugar and elaichi powder and it’s ready to be served