The Coffee From Araku Valley Is Everything But Ordinary; What Makes It Special
Image Credit: The beautiful Araku valley-Pic-

We all know that the southern part of India is known for it’s coffee. It was Baba Budan who centuries ago had smuggled a bean to our country and today the regions of Chikmanglur and Araku are known to produce some of the best coffee in the country.  With Chikmanglur getting much exposure over the years it’s the Araku Valley that is grabbing attention of coffee lovers these days. Located in the heart of Andhra Pradesh, this valley is surrounded by tall mountains and foggy clouds. Located at about 1,200 above sea level, with all the of the numerous waterfalls and coffee plantations, Araku valley makes it an ideal getaway. This place seems to be rich in are rich in biodiversity. 

One of the most well known and talked about coffee from the valley happens to be the Araku Coffee, that is a legacy project of Naandi Foundation. The foundation started with an aim to transform the lives of tribal families by giving them employment in the coffee plantations that today produces one of the best coffee. The coffee project which began with a few tribal family-run estates, grew to include a 1,000 families by 2005. The luscious coffee plantations and the red juicy cherries are a result of organic composts. 

As seen in other plantations even there are many other plants that grow together in harmony. The goal of the brand was to explore ecological awareness in urban spaces by curating plants that are native to the region. This is their debut project together in an urban space. The plants chosen tie-in to Araku Valley. The big pots have coffee bushes and plants, pepper, cardamom, vanilla, pineapple, coconut in its infancy, ferns and orchids, and two rare, special plants.

Araku cafe Bangalore


The brand also has a state of art coffee shop in Bangalore. The food on the menu sees dishes inspired by Japan, the Mediterranean and Korea and sees more than 20 brews. The café is based on the philosophy of sustainability.  

The brand also sees ARAKU World Specialty Coffee Academy, India's first Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified coffee academy. This brand is surely changing the way India loved its coffee.