Chicken Nugget: How Much Do You Know About The K-Drama Star?
Image Credit: Netflix. A promotional still for the K-Drama Chicken Nugget

THE new K-Drama on Netflix, Chicken Nugget, has grabbed viewers' attention globally for its whimsical premise: A girl steps into an old machine and instead of travelling back in time or developing a superpower as most narratives would have her do, transforms into a chicken nugget instead. 

The woman-turned-chicken nugget is played by My Demon star Kim Yoo-jung, and the show follows the escapades of her father (Ryu Seung-ryong) and an admirer (Ahn Jae-hong) as they try to save her from being eaten, like other chicken nuggets. Whatever you may think of its plot, the fact is, Chicken Nugget's episodes are redolent with appetising images of the titular treat. 

And it is in honour of that ubiquitous and world-famous little golden snack, that we're bringing you this quiz on the chicken nugget's history. 

Ready to take a bite out of it? Let's begin!

1. What was an unexpected challenge faced by the American chicken industry in the 1950s?

A) Export restrictions

B) "Chicken fatigue" among consumers

C) A shortage of chicken feed

D) Influx of counterfeit chicken products

2. Who is credited with the invention of the chicken nugget, forever changing the poultry market?

A) Colonel Sanders

B) Ray Kroc

C) Rene Arend

D) Robert C Baker

3. In which year were chicken nuggets first invented, marking a significant advancement in food processing?

A) 1940s during World War II

B) 1955, alongside the first McDonald's

C) 1963, a time of culinary innovation

D) 1980s, the era of fast-food expansion

4. Prior to the creation of the chicken nugget, what alternative food item did McDonald's consider introducing?

A) Onion nuggets

B) Deep-fried broccoli florets

C) A meatless hamburger

D) Fish sticks

5. What technological innovation by the chicken nugget inventor significantly influenced the fast food industry?

A) Creating a durable batter for fried foods

B) Inventing the drive-thru concept

C) Introducing vegetarian options

D) Standardising portion sizes

6. Which health concern in the 1970s led fast food menus to incorporate more poultry?

A) The discovery of cholesterol in fast foods

B) Concerns about sugar consumption

C) The rise in gluten intolerance

D) The link between red meat and cardiovascular disease

7. When did McDonald's first introduce Chicken McNuggets to their menu?

A) 1963

B) 1971

C) 1981

D) 1990

8. Despite not inventing them, which company is most associated with popularising chicken nuggets?


B) McDonald's

C) Wendy's

D) Burger King

9. The invention of chicken nuggets was partly in response to what societal trend?

A) The abundance of chicken meat

B) A shift towards healthier eating habits

C) The fast pace of modern life

D) The growth of the fast-food industry

10. What was a crucial feature of the original chicken nugget formula's success?

A) The nuggets' uniform shape and size

B) Packaging that extended shelf life

C) A batter that could withstand freezing and frying

D) The ability to reheat without drying out

Answer Key and Scoring:

Correct Answers   Q1. B | Q2. D | Q3. C | Q4. A | Q5. A | Q6. D | Q7. C | Q8. B | Q9. B | Q10. C

How to interpret the results  

9-10 Correct: Nugget Historian – You're a true connoisseur of chicken nugget history!

6-8 Correct: Savvy Snacker – You've got a good grasp on the crispy facts.

3-5 Correct: Curious Consumer – You're on your way to becoming a nugget expert.

0-2 Correct: Budding Buff – A tasty journey of discovery awaits you!