The Best Way To Start Your Day: Try These 7 Delicious Persian Breakfast Recipes
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

A traditional Persian breakfast consists of flatbread topped with feta cheese, jam, honey, or butter, or a steaming bowl of Halim, Adasi, or Kaleh Pache. Persian tea is also commonly consumed with breakfast among Persians.

When it comes to breakfast, Iranians take it to a whole other level. With such a wide range of breakfast selections and meals available, anyone of any taste may find a balanced and nutritious way to start the day.

Typical Persian Bread and Persian Tea

Bread is an important part of an Iranian breakfast. Persian bread is always a part of Iranian breakfast dishes, from tiny bits with butter or cheese to the heaviest meaty breakfasts.

Every morning, bread (naan) is usually purchased. The best way to eat a Persian breakfast is with hot bread straight from the baker's oven. Bakeries (nanvaii) can be found on practically every street corner in Iran. Each nanvaii is usually specialised in making a single sort of bread, with a different method of baking depending on the type of bread they sell.

On a Persian morning, a cup of freshly made Persian tea (chai) is almost mandatory. Almost all of the breakfasts described below include tea. Iranians prefer their breakfast tea to be sweet and devoid of milk.



That’s all. Do check these delicious breakfast dishes the next time you visit the country.