The Best Vineyards In India To Taste Wine
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The Indian subcontinent is home to a number of vineyards that produce almost every style of wine imaginable, from quintessential whites to exotic red sparklings. The climate and terroir of the country are significantly different from those of other wine-producing countries, resulting in truly unique wines that are highly sought-after on the global market.

The country is home to several domestic and international labels that make wine using both traditional and avant-garde processes, with almost every grape cultivar used for the craft, from Cabernet Sauvignon to Merlot Noir. The country’s best vineyards are located in and around Nashik, Maharashtra, and Bangalore, Karnataka.

Grover Zampa Vineyards

Grover Zampa is India’s first artisanal wine label, established in 1988 in Nandi Hills. The company has two vineyards at present, one in Nandi Hills and the other in Nashik. The brand started out as Grover Vineyards, founded in 1988 by Kanwal Grover and Georges Vesselle. Grover is hailed as the father of Indian viticulture, having overseen the cultivation of the first runs of over 33 different European grape cultivars in vineyards across the country since the 1960s. It was through these trials that Grover got in touch with Vesselle, the technical director of G. H. Mumm & Cie at the time. They concluded that Nandi Hills would be the best place to start their venture, based on the results of the trails, and to bring a breath of fresh air to the domestic wine industry, which was saturated with wines from Nashik at the time. The company would go on to sell several styles of wine featuring the many European grape cultivars across the nation, to rave reviews. Following the company's commercial success over several decades, it expanded operations to Nashik in 2006 with a winery specifically designed for wine tourism. The company offers several tours and tastings in both locations throughout the year. There are a variety of guided tours available at the Nandi Hills location, with prices starting at 350 INR. The tour lasts anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the package chosen. The company also offers a grape-stomping session at an additional charge. The property is pet-friendly and a birdwatcher's paradise. The Nashik winery offers similar amenities and inclusions, starting at 400 rupees.

Sula Vineyards

Most international wine enthusiasts would have been introduced to Indian wine by a glass or two of Sula. The Nashik-based company is considered one of the country’s best labels and the first to produce high-quality wine in the Nashik region. Sula was founded in 1996 by Rajeev Samant, the label’s current MD. Samant, who was a software engineer based in California, got the idea of establishing a vineyard in India by chance after visiting his family’s grape farm in Nashik in 1994. Samant would return to the US and spend over three months interning at a local winery owned by Kerry Damskey, a prominent local winemaker. Samant would return to India with Damskey, following which the pair would grow several European cultivars on the family farm. The company would launch its first offering in 1998, a Chenin Blanc, to rave reviews across the country. The label would go on to launch several bottles across the next two decades, including several firsts, such as the sparkling Shiraz and Zinfandel Rose. The company offers several tours and wine tasting sessions, starting at 500 rupees. The property also includes a resort, called The Source, that has several tiers of rooms available for both short- and long-term stays. The resort houses two specialty restaurants and a large event space, making it ideal for everything from corporate visits to destination weddings.

Fratelli Vineyards 

This label is the youngest on this list, but by no means the least accomplished. The word "Fratelli" means brothers in Italian, an ode to the three families that established the brand in 2006: the Secci brothers of Italy, Delhi’s Sekhri brothers, and the Mohite-Patil brothers of Solapur. The team of six would plant several European wine cultivars across a 240-acre stretch of the scenic Nashik Valley, under the guidance of master Italian winemaker Piero Masi. The label would launch several offerings over the next two decades, predominantly in Italian styles. In recent years, the company has released a number of avant-garde blends and high-profile collaborations, including a series of limited-edition wines with legendary French vintner Jean-Charles Boisset. The company’s estate is equipped with several rooms that can accommodate travelers for any length of time. The property also features in-room dining that serves seasonal food centered around the wine, prepared fresh on demand. Guests may also partake in a tour of the vineyard, which includes a tasting of the label’s many wines and artisanal cheeses. A night’s stay at the Fratelli estate will set you back Rs. 12,390.