Your Guide To Delhi’s Best Golguppa Places
Image Credit: Vritti Bansal

Chaat has an irreplaceable place in hearts and golguppe ka pani runs in the veins of most Dilliwalas. Also known as puchka, pani puri and pani batasha in West Bengal, Mumbai and Lucknow, the humble golguppa can be found on streets and even at fine dining restaurants across the country. From the time a hole is punched into the “puri”, to when it enters the mouth of a hungry customer, eating a golguppa is a performance. Within Delhi, there are many vendors and chaat shops that serve the much loved snack. We pick the five best ones. 

Vaishnav Chaat Bhandaar

Located in the busy Kamla Nagar Market, Vaishnav Chaat Bhandaar is over 65 years old. The place ensures that the paani used for golguppas is kept chilled by storing it in a ceramic tub and putting a huge block of ice in it. Vaishnav’s paani is extra spicy and may leave your eyes watering, but that’s what makes the golguppas here incredibly satisfying.

Prabhudayal Chaat Shop

This shop and others in UPSC Lane off Shahjahan Road are believed to be over 90 years old. It comes as no surprise that Prabhudayal Chaat Shop’s golguppas are expertly prepared and served. The golguppas here are too large for one bite, but that doesn’t compromise their taste at all. The paani is a pleasant mix of spicy and sour.

Padam Chaat Corner

One of Chandni Chowk’s many golguppa vendors, Padam Chand Gupta sets itself apart by filling golguppas with pickled kachaloo. He also prepares palak and chukandar ones with advance notice for weddings and other events. Find the stall in Kinari Bazaar, just outside Baraf Wali Gali; Gupta is usually around from noon until 8pm.

Special Chaat Bhandaar

It would be unfair to leave West Delhi out when speaking of chaat; Special Chaat Bhandaar has made its place in Karol Bagh for over 50 years. The vendors at this shop ask how spicy you’d like your paani to be before serving you their tasty golguppas. The puri is crispy and bite-sized, and the paani is kept cold in a ceramic tub. 

Bengali Sweet House 

This shop from 1937 has been a favourite with not just the residents of Central Delhi but people from around the city. Every evening, the parking lot outside is lined with the cars of hungry customers who visit mainly for golguppas. The paani here is pleasantly sour and slightly spicy, and you can choose between aata or sooji puri.