The 7 Interesting Facts To Know About Eggnog
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Eggnog is one of the most popular drinks that is enjoyed during the holiday and winter season. It has a distinct charm to it while also being high on nostalgia. This straightforward drink is so deeply rooted in many cultures that the holiday season without eggnog doesn't feel the same.

With your first sip, you can't help but feel the warmth of the season rush over you, whether you choose to drink it non-alcoholic or spiced with delicious rum. This interesting guide about eggnog may surprise you and provide a fresh perspective on one of the most well-liked holiday beverages. So, grab a glass and discover some interesting facts about this intriguing beverage.

Eggnog And Its Origin

The drink is supposed to have originated from a European beverage known as "posset". Warm milk was used to make posset, which was subsequently combined or curdled with spices and wine or ale. The British nobility gave birth to eggnog, which evolved from posset. Since only the rich could afford to purchase these ingredients, the new drink included eggs, milk, and sherry. The beverage later gained popularity as an aperitif for toasting at social gatherings.

Eggnog Was Meant For The Higher Classes

Eggnog was a luxury beverage in England, only provided to the wealthy who had an abundance of dairy and eggs. Since owning chickens and cows was prevalent in the USA, where eggnog truly took off, the beverage became well-liked by everyone in society.

Eggnog Can Be An Alcoholic And Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic eggnog are popular drinks. That is entirely up to individual taste. Alcohol is traditionally included in homemade eggnog recipes, usually in the form of spirits like bourbon, whisky, brandy, or rum. By doing this, the drink will become more complex and warmer for the winter season.

Eggnog Pairs Well With Many Spirits

This is a matter of preference and is dependent upon the customary family formula, should it have been passed down through the years. However, most individuals include one of these because of the following:


It balances out the other tastes in the drink; brandy provides fruity and sweet notes. Bourbon:

It adds vanilla and caramel notes that enhance the flavour of the drink.

Dark Or Spiced Rum:

It offers a rich and strong flavour to the creamy drink. Because of its dessert-like flavours and texture.

Irish Cream Liqueur:

This is another alternative that works well in this cocktail. And, if you'd rather have something spicy to drink, you can also try spiced whisky or rum.

Vegan Eggnog

Vegan eggnog, which is perfect for people with lactose or dairy intolerances as well as vegans, it can be created using several ingredients, even though it doesn't technically include any eggs or milk.

Soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or cashew milk is utilised in place of regular milk, yet classic eggnog flavours and spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla essence are still present. Of course, you can opt to make vegan eggnog alcoholic or non-alcoholic, depending on you.

Eggnog's Popularity Across The World

Eggnog-like drinks aren't just popular in the UK and the USA. Other nations have adopted the egg-based beverage in their own ways.

Coquito is rum and coconut milk from Puerto Rico. Rompope is a Mexican drink made with rum and cinnamon. Peru has its own brandy, known as Biblia with Pisco. A soup with beer, eggs, and cloves is known as Biersuppe in Germany.

National Eggnog Day

December 24, the National Eggnog Day, falls on Christmas Eve. Every year, more than 135 million pounds (61 million kg) of eggnog are consumed in the USA. Eggnog is sometimes referred to as egg milk punch or milk punch.