Eggnog-This Famous Celebration Cocktail Is Almost Centuries-Old
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Come winters and most of us would love to indulge in a well-done eggnog. This creamy egg-y recipe that’s simply means a milk punch, eggnog is nothing but is basically a mixture of beaten egg yolks, cream, that’s mostly mixed with whiskey or rum to give it that oozy boozy feel. Served chilled.

And for those curious whether the eggs are cooked are not, not exactly, but they are not raw too. The trick lies in tampering the egg and slowly adding the hot liquid but taking care that it doesn’t scramble. 

But how did this drink come into existence? If culinary historians are be believed than this drink originated somewhere around early medieval Britain “posset,” a hot, milky, ale-like drink. Also by 13th century it was seen that monks were also drinking a posset with eggs and figs. As milk, and sherry were for the wealthy, so eggnog became a way to raise a toast to prosperity and health. Going back to the fact that eggnog and Christmas go hand in hand, it was only when the drink hopped the pond in the 1700s. While Mexico had their version of eggnog “rompope,” and Puerto Rico sips “coquito,” which sees coconut milk, the English name of the drink still remains a mystery. While some say “nog” comes from “noggin,” meaning a wooden cup, but it was 18th century that the term “eggnog” made waves and got stuck. The written usage of the word can be seen in late 1700s in a poem by Maryland minister. Interesting the adding of the rum by the American colonists was seen as the rum they got from the Caribbean was considerably less expensive. 

Deep with holiday traditions, this drink has travelled the world in it’s both avatar the spiked and non-alcoholic both. It’s a known fact that even George Washington had devised his own recipe and that was surely not for the faint hearted. Even in the modern world the basic recipe has not changed with eggs beaten with sugar, milk, cream, and (often) a distilled spirit or fortified wine. Some houses claim to have their own fun and quirky version of eggnog recipe too. New age has seen everything being added from traditional spices to tequila. 

Doesn’t matter which recipe you choose, just enjoy this hearty eggy drink and soak into a happy mood.