The 10 Best Restaurants For Kebabs In Bangalore
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Do you believe that a dish of juicy, delicious kebabs can enhance any meal? You've landed into the right spot. Kebabs have a particular place in the hearts and plates of meat lovers (let's face it, vegetarians don't have a lot of options here). Stuff them inside rotis, serve with biryani, or eat them straight—there's nothing better than a kebab!

The kebab is one of the most adaptable foods ever. It originated in the Turkish kitchen, was 

carried to India by the Afghans, and flaunted by the Mughals. According to Ibn Battuta, a renowned Moroccan traveller, kebab was an integral part of Indian royalty's daily diet as early as 1200 AD.

Forget about subtly spiced pieces of skewered meat grilled in a tandoor, a large chunk of the city still wanders amidst the gallies of local joints in and around Shivajinagar, Mosque Road, Koramangala, and Jayanagar. These are usually enriched with masalas and left for marination and the fried till kingdom come. 

So, here are a list of the best kebabs in town, tender and flavourful. We have complied a list as per the local favourites; and, of course, the ubiquitous mainstream eatery, we’ve left for you to explore.

Siddique Kebab Centre

The less said about Siddique Kebab Centre, the better, as the description will always fall short. It is one of the most well-known kebab joints in Bangalore. Often patrons have been left speechless by the exquisite cuisine here. A regular favourite is their Chicken Kebab, described as juicy and tender that it melts in your mouth.. With each kebab serving starting at only   Rs 40, you can keep tasting out their array of kebabs without breaking the bank.

USP Dish: Kebab, Haryali Tangdi 

Location: St. John’s Church Road - Frazer Town, Bangalore 560051 

Timings: 12:00pm - 1:00am, Monday to Sunday

How to get there:  Right opposite Coles Park

Cost for two:   Rs 400 

Sharief Bhai

You can get some of the city's greatest freshly cooked kebabs at Sharief Bhai. To enjoy the Tandoori Kebab platter together as a family, we advise you to go here. Delicious variety kebabs, a cosy atmosphere, and quick service will have you coming back for more.

USP Dish: Patthar Gosht, Murg tangdi kebab 

Timings: 12:00pm - 1:00am, Monday to Sunday

Location: 68, Jyoti Nivas College Road, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034

How to get there: 5mins from St Johns Medical College 

Cost for two:   Rs 1200 

Hotel Empire

There's not much one can say to describe the Empire Hotel's famed fried 'red' kebabs - saviour of hungry souls roaming the streets of Bengaluru through day and night.

Their chicken kebab menu is extensive, with options ranging from the Empire special Chicken Kebab to the Alfaham Chicken, available in quarter, half, and full platters.

USP Dish: Special chicken kebab 

Location: 36, Church Street, Off, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Bangalore 560001

Timings: 11:30am - 1:30am, Monday to Sunday 

How to get there: 5mins walk on Church Street from the MG Road Metro Station

Cost for two:   Rs 950 

Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls

Khan Saheb Grills & Rolls, one of Bangalore's reputed kebab joints, is a must-visit for all foodies. When you come in, you'll be delighted with barbecues full of marinated meats on skewers. It's a scent of spices and delectable non-veg fare. You must taste the famous Mutton Kebab roll here, which combines the greatest kebabs with a superb roll. 

USP Dish: Chicken Reshmi lasson kebab 

Location: 27/28, Kamaraj Rd, Off Commercial Street, Bangalore 560001

Timings: 12:00pm - 1:00am, Monday to Sunday 

How to get there: A 5min walk from commercial street.

Cost for two:   Rs 500 

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Hamza Hotel

Another popular late-night hangout for kebab aficionados, Hamza Hotel has been around for a long time, and its kebabs and mutton chops are nothing short of legendary - at least amongst regulars. Their chicken kebab is precisely as you'd expect it to be: fried and red. A simply squeeze of lime juice over them and you may find your taste buds singing. Recommended to be paired with ghee rice and dal fry for those making a meal of it. 

USP Dish: Chicken kebab, tandoori kebab 

Location: No.19 HKP, Broadway Road, Shivajinagar, Bangalore 560001

Timings: 10am - 10pm, Monday to Sunday 

How to get there: 500mts from Russel Market, Shivajinagar

Cost for two:   Rs 800 

Rahhams Families International

Bring your friends to Rahhams to indulge yourselves to some delectable biriyani and mouth-watering kebabs. You'll get rolling with these finger-sized, boneless Sholay Kebabs, which are well-seasoned and fried. The Andhra Tikka will entice your taste buds if you're in the mood for something hot and spicy. All in all, you will find families, students, and a motley of people and events in thus restaurant, all in for the delightful entrée. 

USP Dish: Chicken Sholay kebab 

Location: 82, Maiganda Deva Mudaliar Rd, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bangalore 560005

Timings: 12pm - 12am, Monday to Sunday 

How to get there: Bang opposite to MM Road Bus Stop

Cost for two:   Rs 900 

House of Kebabs

House of Kebabs is a veritable heaven for Kebab lovers and is situated in Basavanagudi, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Bangalore. From Irani Chicken Kebab, Mumtaz Chicken Seekh Kebab, Hazari Kebab, to Angara Kebab, there are many different types of kebabs available. The spicy, creamy, soft kebabs portray a brief history of the many kebab-loving areas of India.

USP Dish: Chicken seekh kebab 

Location: Shop No. 39, 1, Rashtriya Vidyalaya Rd, 2nd Block, Basavanagudi, Bangalore 560004

Timings: 12:00 pm - 11:30pm, Monday to Sunday 

How to get there: About 350mts from the South End Metro Circle 

Cost for two:   Rs 700 


Zaitoon is a well-known Arabic restaurant in Bangalore that delivers excellent Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. Aside from devouring Arabian fare such as crunchy falafel, hearty shawarma, and flavourful Alfaham Dajaj, try their Chicken Malai Kebab. This kebab is exceptionally delicate, meaty, and creamy. It is a delicious meal that combines the flavours of India with the Middle East.

USP Dish: Honey chilli chicken 

Location: Oxford Tower-1, 138, HAL Old Airport Rd, Opposite Leela Palace, Kodihalli, Bangalore 560008

Timings: 11:30am - 11:30pm, Monday to Sunday 

How to get there: Bang opposite the Leela Palace, Indiranagar

Cost for two:   Rs 1200 

Imperial Restaurant

Who came up (popularized) with the idea for Chicken Kebab - Hotel Empire or Hotel Imperial? We're not asking, but ardent admirers do, frequently claiming that the meal was invented by Hotel Imperial. That discussion, though, can wait. Chicken Kebab, Chicken Kebab Legs & Wings, Chicken Chilly Kebab, Chicken Chilly Kebab Legs & Wings, and, of course, the undisputed Chicken Colourless Kebab are available at this hotel.

USP Dish: Chilli Chicken dry, chicken lollipop 

Location: 42/5, Bowring Hospital Rd, opposite Bus stand, Near Bowring Hospital Central Street, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore 560001

Timings: 10am - 1:00am, Monday to Sunday 

How to get there: 100mts before the Shivajinagar Bus Station; A 10-min walk from the MG Road Metro Station; 

Cost for two:   Rs 850 

Siddiq Kabab Centre

On a weeknight around 10:00 p.m., we make our way past the enormous crowd thronging this 20-year-old establishment. Most people just stand on the roadside, enjoying their plates of freshly cooked seekh or phal and breads, with smoke pouring from soot-covered charcoal grills in an open kitchen. Bang for the buck!! That’s right, this place serves to you the best Seekh kebabs, masala kebabs, and Shami kebabs. Top it up with “seviyan” and that completes your day.

USP Dish: Chicken Seekh kebab, Shami kebab 

Location: 7, Curley St, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560025

Timings: 5:30pm - 12:00am, Monday to Sunday 

How to get there: A 2mins walk from Johnson Market or Just find the Baldwin Boys High School Back Gate and you’ll be there 50mts away.

Cost for two:   Rs 400 

Other places that have been seeing a rise in followers include Al Daaz, Le Arabia, Behrouz Biryani, AB’s - Absolute Barbecue, Kebab Studio – Goldfinch Hotel, Al-Bek, 7 Plates, Barbecue Nation, Ebony, Kebabs and Kurries - ITC Gardenia, and Smoke House Deli… Time to get busy tasting all the wondrous skewers the city has to offer!