The graceful dancer with oh-so-stunning eyes, Mouni Roy has been a household name for years now. The television actress who is well-known for her role in the daily soap, Naagin has managed to garner a lot of fame and attention after her performance in the supernatural show. She is currently seen sharing the judge panel of Dance India Dance Lil Masters, with Remo D’Souza, Sonali Bendre and a few other renowned people from the dance industry and showbiz. The actress cum dancer has been quite active on her Instagram, sharing pictures of her honeymoon, vacation in Dubai and food of course. 

Her pahadon ki maggi was such a sensation that we literally felt like going to the mountains just to have a hot bowl of instant noodles. Mouni has also shared glimpses of her spread from Sri Lanka and Dubai, which featured a host of authentic dishes. The newly-wed actress returned to television after her wedding as a reality show judge. Recently, we caught her indulging in some sweet cravings and we thought you’d like to know. Here’s what we are talking about. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Mouni Roy

Mouni Roy seems to have a sweet tooth as the slightly eaten macaroon is proof of it. The macaroon seems to be vanilla-flavoured but what makes it appetizing is the little pink-coloured heart in the centre. Now isn’t that adorable? We can’t help looking at it because it looks so tasty. 

Do you like macaroons too? For the unversed, macaroons are a kind of French dessert. They are made from sweet meringue and egg whites mixed with flour. They might look like a cookie at first but a softer version of the same. Although it is referred to as a French dessert mostly, the origin story tells us otherwise. It is believed that macaroons were actually brought by an Italian Queen in 1553 when she married the French King Henry II. This recipe became so popular in France that it has come to be associated with the country. 

Here are a few macaroon recipes that you try at home. 

1.  Coconut Macaroons 

All things chocolaty makes it a boring affair. Ditch the chocolate this time and indulge in coconut macaroons. The flaky coconut forms the outer layer of the macaroons which are shaped like balls. They are crunchy, sweet and heavenly. A slight tinge of vanilla extract makes this dessert even more tasty.

2.  Almond Macaroons 

A rich and decadent bite for the sweet tooth, macaroons like these are meant for those with a preference for nuts and dry fruits. Almonds are crushed for the macaroon dough and these cute balls come with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. It is crispy yet chewy. 

3.  Chocolate Macaroons 

A chocolate lover? We get it. Here’s one recipe for you too. Filled with chunky chocolate in every bite, this macaroon recipe is a star for the sweet tooth. This sweet meat will become your all-time favourite.