Thanksgiving: 7 Interesting Ways To Use Up Festive Leftovers
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During any fancy dinner night, when you invite quite many people to dine with you, you are left with huge batches of food. Wondering what to do with them. This situation goes for elaborate Thanksgiving dinner nights, too. 

You call your whole family and cook more than enough so everyone can eat well. However, you are distressed about how to use up all the delicious turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, or cranberry sauce the next day. To save you from such confusion, you can make these 7 easy dishes with all your Thanksgiving leftovers and distribute them among close friends, and neighbours, or save it all for yourself!

1. Turkey pot pie

Transform your Thanksgiving leftovers into a delightful dish by making a turkey pot pie. The comforting dish has bits of leftover turkey, vegetables, and a delicious brown sauce, all within a buttery pastry shell. It is a mouth-watering reworking of well-known Thanksgiving flavours. The hot morsel represents the memories of a memorable gathering, thus, a scrumptious method of extending the bliss of Thanksgiving. Give your leftovers new life and enjoy the feeling behind them in every delicious bite

2. Sweet Potato Risotto

Serve Sweet Potato risotto as the encore for a delicious encore of Thanksgiving leftovers. The combination of the Sweet Potato (mashed) and creamy Arborio rice brings out the most comforting masterpiece (mashed Sweet Potato and creamy Arborio rice). A risotto made of seasonal spicy Sweet Potato with sweet aftertones will be a great choice for a post-Thanksgiving meal. Just think about how your senses come alive with Sweet Potato risotto — a delicious fusion of disparate textures and flavours—as leftovers continue to celebrate your festive spirit even after the fest is over.

Video Credit: Youtube/ Joshua Weissman

3. Leftover Taco

Make the Leftover Taco and turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into a fabulous feast. The holiday fusion involves turning turkey, stuffing, and cranberry into a South American spread. Cut or shred the turkey, then spread over a warmed tortilla, add some savoury crunchy stuffing, and finish with tasty cranberry salsa! Leftover Taco is made the next day after a festive day in which every morsel tastes of the holiday’s cuisine diversity.

4. Potato Croquettes

Make delicious Potato Croquettes by transforming Thanksgiving leftovers! Stuffed together between mashed potatoes, chicken, mushroom gravy, and assorted herbs. They are a twist to the ordinary, making them crisp golden globes. The smooth centre goes well with the crispy shell that gives out a holiday taste at each munch. As an interesting twist in post-thanksgiving meals, potato croquettes leave no delicious bit unfinished. Add a twist to those turkey leftovers, and enjoy Thanksgiving all over again.

5. Cranberry Scones

Turn your post-Thanksgiving leftovers into lovely cranberry scones. The flakey pastry has found an ideal way to use leftover cranberry sauce, giving them an extra zing. Add some leftover turkey for flavour, or eat them as sweets. Slightly warm autumn spices and leftover holiday tastes make this scone another pleasure after breakfast and help you enjoy your Thanksgiving even another day.

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How to make tasty sliders out of Thanksgiving leftovers. Cut bits of juicy turkey, dab with a few cranberry sauce, and add a bit of stuffing.e In sandwiched mini rolls, these left-overs sliders comprise an array of spicy delights that elevate the after-feast affair. A combination of juicy turkey, tangy cranberry, and cosy stuffing makes it easy to eat and tasty to the throat. This is a feast and a festive encore which turns unwanted leftovers into a culinary celebration.

7. Turkey Quesadillas

Use your leftover turkey to create tasty turkey quesadillas. This takes layered slices of leftover turkey, some leftover cranberry sauce, and melting some cheese in the middle of some tortillas. The union of juicy turkey and tart cranberry with melted cheese is an orchestra of tastes for your palate. These Turkey Quesadillas are ready within minutes and make an outstanding dish that lets you taste Thanksgiving in every morsel despite being just repurposed leftovers.