Tele-Taste TV: Japan’s Latest Invention in the Food Sector Has Left Us Stunned
Image Credit: This new food technology can make you taste food from your flat screen.

Sitting in one part of the world, we often wonder about the cultures and lifestyles of others. This happens with me very frequently when I watch MasterChef on television. While the India series is something that I can relate to, it is the Australian MasterChef that has me glued to the screen. The interestingly-named delicacies that the contestants cook on television makes me want to jump into the screen and taste them. But well, we all know that it isn’t possible. Or is it? A recent invention by a Japanese professor may have just turned our dreams into reality. 

The latest invention by Homei Mitayashi, a Japanese professor at Meiji University has been in the news in the past due to his handheld tasting device and now he has come up with something new. Along with a team of 30 students, Mitayashi has created a Taste The TV or TTTV which allows to taste the flavours on screen. This novel technology and insanely creative innovation in the food industry seems promising in the wake of social distancing and other Covid-related restrictions. 

               Source: Reuters/Twitter 

How Does This Work? 

This prototype combines ten flavour canisters and brings out the flavour of the specific dish on screen. Once the food flavour is spread on the film, then the user can simply lick the screen of his/her flat TV and try it out. This will not only allow people to taste the food from different parts of the world, just by sitting in front of their TV screens, but also revolutionize the world of tasting games and food quizzes. 

This TTTV would cost you approximately INR 65,700 and can be a useful technology for distant-learning programmes for budding chefs and food connoisseurs in the Covid era.  The feasibility and suitability of this new innovation in terms of Covid hygiene as well as accessibility is something that we will know only in the coming time. 

Till then, if you’re tempted to try some Japanese food, here are a few recipes to try. 

1.  Japanese Chicken 

This is a flavourful chicken recipe that has the goodness of Japanese spices. The main ingredient that adds colour as well as taste to the entire dish is the dark Tamari sauce. Cooked in chicken stock, this is not only a nutritious treat but very tasty too. 

2.  Japanese Onion Soup With Mushroom 

A light and refreshing dish, filled with the sweetness of onions and chunkiness of mushrooms, this soup is all things tasty and healthy. The flavours of both mesh with each other to bring a wholesome meal for you. 

3.  Japanese Pancakes 

These pancakes are not sweet, they are meaty and tasty. Topped with prawns and chilli, these chicken pancakes are a heavenly treat. The soft and fluffy pancakes are paired with mushrooms and some barbequed chicken.