Telangana Man Dials 100 To Ask For Chilled Beer, Cops Are Baffled
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

The summer season has got the better of people in India this year. The record-high temperatures in the months of April and May have people looking for food and drinks to help relax and cool off. But would you go to the extent of calling the cops to help procure food and drinks of your choice? Well, what we may not even imagine doing, has already been done by a man in Telangana. 

A 22-year-old man recently made this bizarre request and went to this extraordinary extent to get hold of some chilled drinks. According to various news reports, the man called the emergency police services at Dial 100 and requested police officials to arrange two bottles of chilled beer for him! Yes, you read that right. The incident took place on Friday morning in a village close to Hyderabad, Telangana. 

According to a report in the New Indian Express, the man, identified as Janigala Madhu, is said to be a school dropout, and is a native of Daulatabad village. Madhu was in Goka Faisalabad for a wedding on Thursday night, and in the early hours of Friday, he called emergency services at 100 and asked them to attend to him urgently. He claimed on the call that a group of people were abusing and threatening to attack him. The Telangana policemen rushed to the spot, only to find him drunk and found that his complaint too was a farce.  

When the policemen reached the spot, Madhu requested them to get two beers as the wine shops had closed and what he consumed was insufficient for him. Quite bold, isn’t that? In fact, the man further argued that since police should address all the needs of the people, arranging alcohol for him was his need, and a part of his need was chilled beer! 

Image: Freepik

Well, nothing really worked in his favour for obvious reasons, and a case was registered against Madhu and he was scolded by sub-inspector Ramesh Kumar not to make such false calls in future. "Dial 100 is an emergency service. We request people not to misuse it and only call it when there is a genuine need," said Kumar. 

Well, let’s just blame the hot weather, but if you are looking for some drinks to cool down this summer, no need to call the police as we have just the recipes you need. Click here for some summer drinks you can make at home to cool down this season, and avoid bothering emergency services! 

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