Teej Special: Indulge In The Sweet Affair Without Guilt

The festival of Hariyali Teej has almost arrived, and in some regions of the nation, celebrations have already started. This celebration serves as a significant day for newlywed couples, with women applying mehndi to their hands and everyone partaking in sweets. An auspicious occasion known as Hariyali Teej takes place in the months of Sawan or Shravan according to the Hindu calendar. People from all over the nation pray for their spouse's long life as well as the welfare and happiness of their families because it is believed that during this time Parvati, who was separated from Lord Shiva during the Hindu Mythology, was reunited with him. The lovely sugary pastries that we all love to eat, however, are one of the key things that go along with this event. However, if you avoid sweets due to health reasons, don't worry—we have the ideal fix for this issue! 

Everyone desires sweets throughout the festive season, but if you manage to restrain yourself, we have some delicious, hand-selected treats that are not only low in sugar but also simple to make at home! Enjoy one of these delectable desserts to celebrate your Teej. 

Dry Fruit Ladoo 

Who doesn't enjoy taking a taste of a delicious ladoo? Whether packaged or fresh from a sweet shop, we can easily find this sweet anywhere. However, you can make a healthy version of this delicacy by combining dates, desiccated coconut, and loads other dry ingredients. This ladoo recipe makes healthy balls of nuts and dates that are the ideal snack to consume in large quantities. Healthy, sugar-free, nutrient-rich, and far too simple to prepare! You can make these delectable ladoos that will keep you satiated for a long time with just simple ingredients. To enjoy these for a long time, prepare them and preserve them in airtight jars. 

Sabudana Kheer 

One of the most popular Indian desserts, kheer is prepared at home to mark practically all special occasions and festivals. You've probably only ever eaten sabudana Tikki or khichdi up to this point, but trust us when we say that sabudana kheer is just as delectable as ordinary rice kheer. Try to include more dry fruits and fruits in this recipe to give it a more natural flavour if you want to make it sugar-free. The sabudana used to make this sabudana kheer, which is typically eaten during the fasting season like Navratri, soaks in just 30 minutes. On special occasions like Teej, serve it at dinner parties or prepare it as a dessert to serve after dinner. You'll find it difficult to resist this Indian dessert! 

Rice Pudding 

For those of you looking to reduce your calorie intake, here is a delicious sugar-free rice pudding! Don't feel guilty about trying it out! This sugar-free recipe features coconut milk and cooked rice and is served with fruit compote. It is filled with the goodness of lemongrass, lime leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg. 

Dry Fruit Modak 

Enjoy this simple sugar-free modaks while indulging in a delicious treat! While celebrations are designed to feast on sweets, you would no longer be guilty of having a sweet craving. Festivals are always incomplete without this beloved Indian delicacy, which is modak. Many people adore the mouthwatering modaks. Cashew, almond, and walnuts combined, sweetened with raisins and seedless dates to make a sugar-free version of it. Add grated coconut if you want it to have a creamy texture. This modak dish is equally delicious and loaded with the health benefits of dry fruits and nuts. 

Badam ki Barfi 

Enjoy a sugar-free, healthy mithai over the teej season without worrying about your health! This delicious festive treat blends mawa with healthy almonds including other nuts like walnuts, and figs. 

Have a great Teej celebration!