Teej 2022: Try Sabudana Khichdi And Kheer For Lunch
Image Credit: Sabudana Khichdi

In India, festivals and celebrations see no end. One after the other, there are a string of festivals that line up and everyone prepares for each day with utmost fervour and joy. One such festival is Teej. A three-day long celebration, Teej is a special occasion for married Hindu women, who fast for the long life of their husband on this day. Apart from this, several sweet meats and delicious treats are also prepared on this day.

Since women fast on Teej, they are required to abstain from certain things. This includes grains like wheat and rice. For lunch, however, a plethora of dishes can be prepared using vrat-friendly alternatives like kuttu ka atta and sabudana. Sabudana, or sago, are tapioca pearls that are healthy, crunchy, and savoury. From savoury dishes like khichdi to desserts like kheer, there are plenty of dishes you can make with sabudana.

Here are two sabudana recipes that you can make for Teej, this year.  

1.   Sabudana Khichdi  


    1 cup sabudana  

    1 medium boiled potato  

    ¼ cup peanuts  

    1 tsp chopped ginger  

    1 tbsp lemon juice  

    ½ tsp sendha namak  

    2 tbsp ghee  

    Curry leaves  

    Green chilli  

    Coriander leaves  


Sabudana Kheer 

    To make sabudana kheer, take some sabudana and rinse with water thoroughly.  

    Then, cook the sago in water till it turns transparent and mushy.  

    Stir continuously to prevent sabudana from burning.  

    Add in milk at this point and along with it, add some sugar.  

    You can also use dates or jaggery in place of sugar.  

    Combine well till it becomes thick and creamy.  

    Serve hot or cold.