Tea is not just a drink it’s almost a religion. It’s an integral part of daily life for most people in our country. Whether you sip in a roadside stall or have your chamomile at a five-star hotel, the charm is of this beverage is simply beyond words. Not many might know that it was the Chinese who had been drinking tea for thousands of years and when it came it to indian, in no time the drink quickly became popular, first as a medicine and then finding it’s place in much exotic menus around the world. 

Today globally the tea industry includes variety of ready-to-serve products, instant, and brewed ingredients and many such options which are being globally accepted as part of the trend today. As Anamika Singh, Tea Sommelier / Tea Manufacturer, Founder Anandini Himalaya Tea says “2022 is about self-love and self care. One of the things that accompanies us in this journey, is the Tea we sip. This year it is all about wellness Tea, it is about pure, natural ingredients and Tea lovers understanding the source of the Tea and the ingredients used. 2022 is about the embarking on a sensory journey of Tea which is enhanced with knowledge and embrace. You are what you sip”. 

With the market being more inclined towards wellness tea, there has been a rise premium teas and loose-leaf tea formats which in leading to more interactive experiences and adding to the fact that consumers these days are drawn towards this beverage with all its functional benefits. 

Ekta Jain says, CMO Octavius Tea adds “Tea in India is not just a beverage but has become a part of our culture and tradition. With its unique and delightful blends. With the current situation, there is a rise in health- consciousness among the people - wellness, herbal and immunity teas are currently in trend.  People want to try different flavours, superfood ingredients (Tulsi, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Licorice) that are good for health and well-being, a blend of tea with other interesting and popular ingredients like dried flowers, herbs and spices etc. When we foresee the trends, I see the unique recipes are a hit, people want to try their tea or coffee with a twist. Tea cocktails are an emerging trend, from chai-spiced bourbon to chilled orange pekoe spiked with rum, apricot liqueur, etc. Tea cocktails hot or iced can be enjoyed throughout the year. The trend is also for the tea experience: The rising popularity of teawares and a personalized tea experience with customized and modern tea sets for better tea drinking experience”. 

With customers looking for dynamic experiences, the tea is also working towards customization. What the customer wants and their taste has been the topmost priority. With the rise of fusion flavours from saffron, green mango and others like bubble tea or boba along with gourmet tea the market is seeing much dynamism. 

Though the classics like first flush and second flush will never go out of market, there will be a rise in more sustainable choices.  From biodegradable tea bags to recyclable carton each one is becoming responsible towards the future.