Tea-Biscuits, Drinking Water Offered To Voters In Varnasi For Free

The Lok Sabha elections which took place in the Varnasi constituency on June 1, saw some special arrangements being made to ensure that voters turn out in large numbers. As a way of urging more citizens to vote within the constituency, the Pappu Tea Stall located in Assi ghat ensured that those who cast their vote received free cups of chai and biscuits free of charge. As the heatwave scorches various parts of North India, voters who had been waiting for hours to perform their duty were provided respite from the sun with drinking water at various polling booths.

Many organisations, including the Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple trust also partook in setting up stalls that served food and soft drinks to voters – along with other treats like biscuits, sherbet and drinking water. As citizens combated the 40°C temperature in Varnasi, various political groups ensured that their party workers as well as voters were well taken care of with adequate facilities for refreshments. While the phase of elections in Mumbai allowed voters to avail discounts at a selection of restaurants back in May, those who cast their vote in Bengaluru were also appreciated with complementary food items.

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With turnouts being unpredictable and lesser than expected this year, various states across India have been coming up with incentives to encourage citizens to leave their homes and make their way to the polling booth. Other arrangements in Varnasi also included shaded areas to shield them from the sun, easy access wheelchairs for persons with disabilities and senior citizens, as well as various stalls offering food and drink options.