Taste The Essence Of India In A Bottle With Oaksmith Gold
Image Credit: Oaksmith Gold / Pic- Oaksmith

Elegant. Smooth. Refined, that’s how Oaksmith Gold is best defined. On the palate, the flavor profile is mild but full body with woodiness from the oaks casks and on the finish, it is clean and smooth, making it very delightful. Crafted by world renowned and revered Shinji Fukuyo - Chief Blender at Suntory®, Founding House of Japanese Whisky, and creator of celebrated Japanese spirits Yamazaki® and Hibiki®. Shinji Fukuyo travelled to India more than 7 times to understand the different food cultures and flavors and toured small-town bars and ahatas to get a thorough insight of the Indian palate. The result is a unique modern-day scotch and bourbon blend, a perfectly balanced yet complex, layered whisky, which resonates with Indian audiences, while being truly international in spirit. It started with pilot markets in Dec 2019, but within a span of two years, the brand now finds itself today across 16 Indian state markets. The rare blend has a fine balance of smokiness, sweetness and smoothness that was crafted by world renowned Shinji Fukuyo - Chief Blender at Suntory, the founding house of Japanese Whisky - after spending hours meticulously selecting aged spirits in oak barrels. The name – Oaksmith® is a tribute to this craftsmanship, and the fine oak casks that Beam Suntory’s whiskies are aged in.

Oaksmith Gold is a perfect representation of Takumi which in Japanese means ‘artisan’ or ‘skillful’ as it is an ode to Japanese dedication. This international premium spirit  launched by Beam Suntory is a fine example of knowledge and expertise of premium spirits from across the globe to bring to India, a truly International blended whisky, ‘Oaksmith Gold’.

Shinji Fukuyo - Chief Blender at Suntory

 Launched in December 2019, Oaksmith, India’s first truly International blended whisky, stands for global collaboration, combining the best of East and West in a bottle. It blends high quality aged Scotch Whisky Malts from distilleries in Scotland, with aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon from the US, from distilleries over 200 years old, with the finest Japanese craftsmanship. 

Whisky also has a certain freshness that makes the popular cocktails, such as the highball, a balanced drink.What makes this one truly Gold is that the ingredients do the magic. From Grain to Bottle, Oaksmith Gold is a spirit with a smooth taste. It delicately blends high quality aged Scotch Whisky Malts from the lush highlands of Scotland with aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon whisky from The United States of America using impeccable craftsmanship of Japan. As a result of this world class unique blend created by one of the most celebrated master blenders globally - Shinji Fukuyo, the man with over 30 years of experience creating the most famous award-winning Japanese whiskies in the world such as Yamazaki and Hibiki - the taste of Oaksmith® Gold is rich, smooth and refined. On the palate, the flavour profile is mild but full body with woodiness from the oaks casks, on the nose, it is rich fruity and has a sweet top note followed by a hint of smoke (peat), on the finish, it is clean and smooth making it very delightful. This makes it perfectly suited to tickle the taste buds of connoisseurs and beginners alike. The fine taste, aroma and texture comes from the four 4 years of aging in newly charred American white oak barrels does to the bourbon, which goes into the delicate Oaksmith® Gold blend. A method tested over more than 200 years of time – a method as old as the distillery that produces it. 

Oaksmith is expected to create new standards in the Indian Whisky segment and become one of the largest brands in Beam Suntory’s global portfolio over the next few years. With the launch of Oaksmith Gold and success in the Indian market,  it is at the helm of reinventing what Indian whisky have also shown a positive inclination towards this premium product thus, reinforcing Oaksmith’s intent of  consistently innovating and recreating experiences that are of supreme quality and value.

The beautifully crafted whisky blends well into any cocktail and pairs well with almost all flavor profiles of food. In true spirit, Oaksmith is a celebratory ode to the impeccable Japanese dedication to quality and craftsmanship is world renowned.