Tara Sutaria’s Food Spread Exhibits Her Cooking Skills
Image Credit: Tara Sutaria/Instagram, The actress has turned into a chef, making lots of delicious treats these days.

With so much food adorning her Instagram stories these days, we don’t think that the day is far when actor Tara Sutaria would don the chef hat. She has been a stunner - be it in terms of acting, singing, or dancing. But what one didn’t know much about is her talent of cooking. What started as a fun hobby during the lockdown has turned into a passion for Tara. Her latest cook up is proof.

The Bollywood actor recently bombarded her Instagram stories with loads of appetising food and we are drooling. A largely Italian feast, Tara’s Monday menu consisted of a healthy salad made with arugula, peach, burrata, and prosciutto, along with balsamic vinegar and honey. Next up, we saw a delicious reggiano pasta in a bowl, topped with cherry tomatoes, garlic, parmigiano and basil.


This was followed by garlic butter sourdough with spicy Spanish salami. Spread on a wooden board with a candle-lit table, it looked lip-smacking. How could the hard-core non-vegetarian miss out on meaty treats is what we were wondering when we saw the next post of crispy lamb chops, flavoured with garlic, green chillies, ginger, and pepper. Finally, there was the hot and spicy lamb dish by the chef-in-making. While tossing the lamb in hot masala, she remarks that she’s trying a new recipe for spicy lamb this time.

Among the stories, we caught a quick glimpse of her latest reel too, where she has shared the recipe of the cherry tomato pasta that she made. Do you want to try it too? Here’s the recipe for the same.  


    10 cherry tomatoes  

    1 packet spaghetti  

    2 tbsps nduja sauce  

    2 tbsps chilli sauce 

    Chopped garlic  

    Basil leaves  

    Olive oil  


    Begin by heating olive oil in a pan.  

    To this, add chopped garlic and basil leaves. 

    Toss in the cherry tomatoes too.  

    Next up, add the nduja sauce and chilli sauce. Mix it all together.  

    Finally, add the pasta and combine it well.  

    Your delicious pasta is ready.