Tara Sutaria Turns Chef For Arjun Kapoor, Look What She Made
Image Credit: Arjun Kapoor and Tara Sutaria/Instagram, Both the actors are hard-core foodies.

If there’s anything that can connect one soul with another, it is their similar interests. Arjun Kapoor and Tara Sutaria seem to have bonded that way too. Working together on a film brought the duo closer to each other, and they discovered a shared love for food in the process. While Tara has been bombarding her Instagram stories with food pictures time and again, Arjun is not far behind. Be it a healthy pizza or an indulgent cheesecake, he never fails to give us a glimpse of his plate.

This time though, the actor was treated to a delicious food preparation made by his very own co-actor and foodie friend, Tara. While we know about Tara’s looks and acting skills, it was her cooking abilities that are new to us. The actress has expressed on many occasions that she loves to eat, and can gobble down anything and everything. In fact, she enjoys her native Parsi cuisine the most.

However, this time, Tara entered the kitchen to cook something for Arjun and it looked absolutely delicious. Arjun took to his Instagram stories to share a video of the food on his table. There was a layered roti, which seems like a lachha paratha, along with a bowl of light brown chicken curry, which we’re assuming is garlic and yoghurt chicken curry.

Chicken Curry with roti

This wasn’t just an unknown fact to us but also came as a surprise for Arjun as he captioned the picture saying, “Chef Sutaria has killed it with her hidden skills!!! This doesn’t end here. We saw Tara reposting the story on her Instagram and saying, “made it with love for you guys”. Later, Anshula Kapoor, Arjun’s sister posted a video of some more food prepared by Tara and wrote, “The best dhansak we’ve ever had, @arjunkapoor and I are in food heaven”.

Tara replied to this too by suggesting that the two siblings should eat well and nap after that. The sweet gesture by Tara revealed some of her hidden skills and we’re glad. The fact that she made traditional Parsi food for her friends is another proof of how much she loves her native cuisine.