Where To Eat Parsi Food In Udvada, The Sacred Parsi Town in Gujarat
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A sleepy coastal town in Gujarat, Udvada is considered sacred by the Parsis. Usually labelled a pilgrimage spot, the town is also home to some seriously good Parsi fare. The Parsis have an evident passion for food and take pride in their cuisine. Udvada, being home to the Atash Behram—the holy fire that burns in the Zoroastrian temple—is frequented mainly by Parsis but there’s no reason why people from other communities cannot visit, even if it’s just for the food. We list five places to eat Parsi food at when you’re in Udvada:


The ideal highway pit-stop for those travelling to Udavada by road, Ahura on NH48 is a haven for Parsi food. Stop for breakfast or even a late night snack. Try the akuri (Parsi scrambled eggs), poro (Parsi masala omelette), salli per eedu (eggs on crispy potato sticks) and keema pav paired with mint tea. Ahura is a great place to refuel if you’ve been driving for a long time and will set the tone for your trip. 

Location: NH 48, Ambivali Tarf Bahare, Maharashtra.

Timings: Daily, 24 hours

Globe Hotel

Established in 1924 by Kekobad Hormusji Sidhwa, Globe Hotel is one of Udvada’s oldest restaurants attached to a hotel. The place recommends booking a table in advance since it can get very busy. Try the salli chicken, pulao dal or machhi ni curry, all of which are served with kachumber (a salad of onions, tomatoes, cucumber and coriander). 

Location: Road near Pundole Agyari, Udvada.

Call 09879817333 for details.

Hotel Ashishvang

The sea view makes the drive to Hotel Ashishvang worth it. The food is simple and homestyle, and includes dal, patio (a tangy and sweet prawn curry) and tareli machhi (fried fish), all of which may be enjoyed with rice or rotlis. There’s also tarela papeta ni murghi, a Parsi-style roast chicken. End your meal with ravo (a semolina pudding topped with nuts). 

Call 0260 2345700 for details.

Sohrabji Jamshedji Sodawaterwalla Dharamsala

The Dharamsala offers rooms to Parsis only, but the canteen welcomes people from all backgrounds. Both set meals and a la carte dishes are on the menu. Order the chicken farchas for a starter and follow it with some salli chicken. The place is especially known for its mutton dhansak, the meat in which is tasty and tender. Desserts include lagan nu custard and raspberry jelly. 

Call 0260 2345688 for details.

Parsi Da Dhaba

20 kms from Ahura, Parsi Da Dhaba is another Parsi restaurant with good food and outdoor seating. Parsi Da Dhaba specialises in ‘dudh na puff’, a frothy milk drink that’s flavoured with spices like cardamom and nutmeg and sweetened with sugar. The drink is prepared overnight and served in the morning. Pair it with some keema pav or aleti paleti (chicken livers and gizzards) or kurchan (goat organs). 

Call: 088062 79379 for details.