Tamannaah Bhatia’s Maggi Love Is Giving Us Yummy Ideas

Actor Tamannaah Bhatia is on a roll right now, after having won the South Indian film industry, she is all set to conquer the OTT space too with her recent works Babli Bouncer and Plan A Plan B. While the actress is busy promoting both the shows, she is making sure she does not miss out on indulging in her favourite snacks. On Wednesday, she rang in Dussehra with her friend over a bowl of Maggi noodles and Schezwan Chutney. That’s right, no fancy feast, no fuss, no frills, just a simple bowl of soupy Maggi. Now isn’t that something? We know you started drooling too. Therefore, we got five of our favourite Maggi recipes for you.  

Maggi Patties

Ditch your boring aloo patties and try these new noodle patties. They are stuffed with your favourite veggies and spices too, guaranteeing a wholesome fare. Try for yourself and let us know. These are vegetarian patties, but if you want to give it a meaty spin, you can also include some chicken chunks. 

Maggi Bhel

Roasted, crushed Maggi noodles mixed up with tomato ketchup, chopped onions, tomatoes chillies, and mixed herbs. Your bhel just got a saucy upgrade and we bet you are going to be hooked.  

Maggi Arabiata

No pasta, no problem. Your boiled noodles can also be tossed in the tangy arabiatta sauce, and this is one fusion dish that won’t disappoint. The recipe is ridiculously easy and quick, so no excuses hold valid.  

Maggi Omelette

So, this recipe became a massive rage during the lockdown. All you need for this recipe is eggs, Maggi and some herbs and spices of your choice. Boil the noodles keep them aside, beat the eggs with other herbs, and drop the eggs onto a hot pan, followed by the boiled noodles. Flip the omelette over, and serve hot.  

Maggi Cheeseballs

Oozing with melted cheese and Maggi noodles, these crispy cheeseballs are a hit across ages. The flavourful appetiser is just that good. Trust us, you may want to make some extra because those requests for refills ain’t stopping.