Taking A Tour Of Old Dilli? Try These Delicacies
Image Credit: Ayandrali Dutta

The chaos of Old Dilli has a charm of it’s own. Making you way through those super crowded lanes packed with rickshaw, horns blowing, people walking, vendors on both sides of the street is a usual scene from Dilli6. Like it’s said that there is a method in madness this place actually makes it true. This place has a character and charm of it’s own. Originally known as Shahjahanabad, this place is super amusing and endearing

Here’s the list of few things that one should not miss while visiting one of the oldest localities of the capital. 

Daulat ki Chaat

How abut digging into some foam that super light and tasty at the same time. Daulat ki chaat from old dilli’s one such delight. The name of this melt-in-your mouth dessert might sound enchanting, but remember that this desert is a result of hard work. Available only from November, December, and January, this iconic dish sees milk mixed with cream and cooled for ice slab for 8-10 hours and later whisked till it sees a frothy texture. Served in pattal Daulat ki chaat is served with some dry fruits and khoya on top.

Kuliya Chaat

This interesting is a fresh take on the usual fruit chaat. This spicy tangy chaat that is sold at Hira Lal Chat Corner, Chawri Bazar has its own fan following. The interesting part is that fruits like watermelon, boiled potato, tomatoes, cucumber, mangoes or more is scooped a hollow is formed. That is ten filled with chickpeas, pomegranate, lemon juice and spices. This chaat is super refreshing an healthy too at the same time. 

Bedmi Poori

Originated in Agra, this crispy poori’s served with some aloo ki subzi, halwa and achar is  the perfect morning breakfast that you could dig in while taking a morning tour at old dilli. This humble morning breakfast is best enjoyed at Shyam Sweets. Bedmi is different from the regular poori as bedmi sees spices like coriander seeds, red-chili powder along with lentil paste that is mixed with wheat flour. Deep fried fresh right infront of you, Bedmi’s are rich in fibre content. 

Kuremal Kulfi

A shop that has been into existence since 1906 is known to serve fresh fruit kulfis. These fresh fruit kulfis are fresh and healthy. This 100+year dessert shop has kulfi that is 100% natural ingredients. The shop started with selling plain doodh kulfi and kesar pista kulfi. But over the period of time innovation took over and today the kulfi is stuffed inside fresh fruit like mango, apple and more. This Kulfi is one of a kind in Delhi. All these kulfi’s sees no added sugar and the taste of real fresh fruit makes this dessert a much sought after delight.