Take Care Of Your Mental Health With Vitamin B 12
Image Credit: Pexels, healthy oatmeal breakfast

In a post-pandemic era, mental health has taken center stage. People across the world have become vocal about depression, brain fog, anxiety, panic attack and so on. While taking the help of professional counsellors and psychiatrists eases the woes, health experts also recommend including food rich in Vitamin B 12. Yes, you read it right. Also called Cobalamin, it is one of the eight types of vitamin B. When one suffers from Vitamin B 12 deficiency, it can lead to depression, haze, dementia, forgetfulness and weak memory.  

B 12 is essential for the metabolism and production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which regulates mood. The inclusion of this vitamin works as a mood booster. Apart from taking supplements, a few foods that are naturally rich in this vitamin can improve one's mental health. 

Here are the five best sources of Vitamin B 12.

1. Breakfast Cereal

Fortified cereals which we usually consume as breakfast, such as cornflakes and oatmeal, have a high amount of Vitamin B 12. By adding milk, one gets further benefits. To make it tasty, one can prepare a parfait. Just blend in some yoghurt, and you are good to go. Usually, it becomes a challenge to feed kids such breakfast. Introduce an array of delicious recipes of overnight cooked oats by adding their favourite fruit, nuts, and even chocolate. 

2. Nori

Sushi wrapped in Nori

Getting enough of this vitamin often becomes challenging for vegans and vegetarians. They can consider nori which is a dried sheet of seaweed. These are used to prepare sushi. According to a few studies, about 4 grams of nori offers around 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12. To meet the required dosage, one must consume at least 13 sheets of nori daily.  

3. Shiitake Mushrooms 

You must include shitake in your diet if you are a mushroom lover. This variant is a storehouse of Vitamin B 12. To get the recommended amount, you must consume about 50-60 grams of dried mushrooms daily. The parched shiitake mushrooms have the highest quantity of this vitamin, i.e., 5.6 micrograms in 100 grams.

4. Chickpeas


Nutritionists have been vouching for chickpeas for their health benefits, and often it is suggested as a perfect substitute for chicken. As you add it to your diet, you get a rich amount of protein, fibre and vitamin B12. It is also loaded with other essential nutrients making it a superfood. It can be eaten in different ways. Prepare a highly nutritious salad with boiled chickpeas, sweet corn, and chopped vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce. For fussy eaters, a delicious homemade hummus can do the needful. 

5. Tuna

Grilled Tuna

This fish has been a favourite of many for its high content of nutrients, including vitamins, protein, and minerals. It is rich in vitamin B12; the dark muscles of tuna have the highest concentrations. Around 100 grams of cooked tuna is enough for one's daily requirement of B12. You can whip a wide range of recipes with this scrumptious fish. The healthiest way would be having it grilled with minimal use of oil. 

Now you know how to deal with mood swings and mental well-being in a healthy way.