Take A Look At The Best Sushi Restaurants In India
Image Credit: Sushi | Image Credit: Pexels.com

Just a couple of decades ago, we would have been hard-pressed to find a great sushi restaurant even in the biggest cities in the country. Not anymore! Every major Indian city these days has at least a handful of great Japanese restaurants with some great sushi. Here is a quick roundup of five of our favorites for your (somewhat expensive) sushi needs.

1.    Izumi 

Izumi in Bandra West is still a top spot for some comforting but also excellent sushi. Run by head chef NooreshaKably, Izumi remains a cozyneighborhood spot while also serving up some of the best food in all of Mumbai. No wonder then that it has reserved top spots for itself on the Conde Nast rankings of best restaurants in the country. It also helps that there is plenty of choice for vegetarians. Crispy Edamame Avocado, Philly Spicy Asparagus, Veg Futomaki, Sugoi Maki, and Teriyaki Tenderloin are our regular sushi orders there, and they should be yours too.

Price for two: A meal for two will set you back about 4,000 rupees.

Address: Ground Floor, Sunrise Cooperative Society, Rd Number 24, Khar West, Mumbai

2.    Wasabi by Morimoto

This is, of course, an iconic institution with once a spot in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. The menu was developed by the legendary Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, the first executive chef of the iconic Nobu restaurant in New York. At the moment, Kazuya Shimomura is the man in charge—he’s already been the Japanese head chef at the Shangri-La in Bangalore, Megu at the Leela Palace in Delhi, and Kaikagetsu in New York City. It should come as no surprise, then, that Wasabi remains one of the best places in the country to go out for a sushi meal. The Spicy Yaki Shiitake, Nego Toro Maki sushi rolls, and Tekka Maki come highly recommended. The wasabi crème brulee remains a top favorite if you want some dessert. Spicy yellowtail and salmon avocado rolls are perennial favorites as well.

To add to the already extraordinary food are views of the Gateway of India. What could be better! 

Price per person: Rs 10,000-12,000So, reserve this for a rather special occasion.

Address: The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai; Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai

3.    Edo at ITC Gardenia

Chef Kamlesh Joshi’s work at Edo at the ITC Gardenia in Bengaluru has been a major draw for many years now. It’s no different now. Edo remains the go-to place for excellent Japanese food, specifically sushi, in Bangalore. Their wasabi remains among the best we have tasted. Sticky signature rolls with cucumber uramaki, salmon, tuna and topped with Tobiko are what you should go for. We would also recommend Kampyo and Inari Futomaki for vegetarians and the Unagi Uramaki. 

Price for two: Rs 5,000

Address: ITC Gardenia, No.1, Residency Road, Bengaluru

4.    JW Marriott ADRIFT Kaya

There is a new restaurant making waves in New Delhi. With Michelin star-rated Chef David Myers at the helm, ADRIFT Kaya is a modern (and posh) spin on the traditional izakaya, a generally inexpensive eatery with quick drinks and snacks. Think Japanese versions of Janta or Bob’s Bar. Except, in Delhi, it is anything but janta. Daikon, Umeboshi, Sesame and Smoked Paprika are must-have items for vegetarians on the sushi menu, while non-vegetarians should not miss soft shell crab with aonori mayo and spicy tuna with jalapeno.

Price for two: Rs 4,000

Address: JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi Aerocity Asset Area 4, Hospitality District, near Indra Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

5.    Nori

Kolkata may not be someone’s first choice for adventurous dining, but that someone would be operating with old information. The city’s culinary adventures are well worth your time. Nori at The Westin should definitely be on your list of places to be if you want a great plate of sushi. Located on the 31st floor, Nori also offers breath-taking views of Ecopark, Kolkata’s weekend hangout du jour. Satsumaimo roll is an interesting choice, one that we have not had in many other places in the country—sweet potato with vegetable kabayaki sauce. Non-vegetarians must definitely give the Aburi Shake a try – torched salmon, cucumber, tanuki, spicy mayo, and salmon roe. It is decadent and delicious, will make you a fan of Nori, and will keep you coming back again and again.

Price for two: Rs 3,000

Address: The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat, Plot No. Aaii, Cbd/2, Newtown, Kolkata

6. Megu, New Delhi

The Leela in New Delhi is one of the country’s most exclusive and expensive hotels. And Megu, the Japanese restaurant there, is deservedly one of the best spots for a spot of sushi in town. Chef Shubham Thakur was with Megu from 2015 to 2017, after which he joined Wasabi at the Taj in New Delhi. In 2019 he also won the Chef of the Year award, and has now rejoined Megu as chef de cuisine. Spicy yellowtail, Kanzuri Salmon, Daikon Oroshi, Yuzu Kosho are unmissable. 

Price for two: Rs 6000

Address: Megu, The Leela Palace, Africa Ave, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

7. Guppy, New Delhi

Guppy at Lodhi is no stranger to the capital’s lovers of sushi. They have been recognized for their work too. Guppy's chefs bagged the first and second prizes at the National Sushi Championship 2016 organized by JETRO; they have been featured in the 20 Best Restaurants in India list by Business Insider; and have been winners of several Food Awards year on year. Guppy Signature Temaki Sushi has to be on any sushihead’s list. 

Price for two: Rs 2000

Address: 28 Lodhi Colony, Main Market, New Delhi

8. Yazu, Mumbai

A welcome addition to the restaurant list in Mumbai’s Oshiwara region, this ‘pan Asian supper club’ is a festival of flavors. They also have a presence in Goa. The interiors are stunning just as the food is too. Crunchy Korean Prawns and California Avocado and Cucumber Rolls were our favorite, and will be yours too. 

Price for two: Rs 2000

Address: 9 Raheja classic, next to OPTIONS - The Fashion Mall, Mumbai.