Tahira Kashyap And Her Cheesy Pizza Date

Devouring a pizza is a sheer indulgence that is all about savouring its cheesy goodness and crispy crust. For director and writer Tahira Kashyap, a pizza indulgence is no different! In a recent reel, the storyteller known for creating some amazing characters and cinema can be seen gorging on a delicious slice of 'za

Captioning her reel as 'Quite unstoppable at this,' she wraps a string of cheese around the pizza before popping it in her mouth. A play on Sia's popular song, Unstoppable, she adds in the caption, "Is there a decent way of devouring a pizza?" And we agree, a pizza is meant to be gorged on with our hands to enjoy the flavours of its toppings and the delicious herb seasonings.

In the reel, Tahira appears to be dining at a restaurant with her family including her actor-husband Ayushmann Khurrana who can be seen smiling from across the table. The writer and producer takes a bite of a pizza topped with bell peppers, onions and some pesto, making for what is undoubtedly a very delicious dish. The family seems to have been enjoying a hearty lunch in Chandigarh filled with an Italian feast and some delicious-looking fruity beverages.  

While in this vibrant city, Tahira seems to be on quite the culinary spree. In another reel, she had shared a video in which she polished off a plate of tikki, papadi and golgappa, all lip-smacking chaat delights in her hometown. The storyteller has hardly ever shied away from indulging in her favourite foods and these reels are but a glimpse into her gastronomic adventures. 

In this reel too, she celebrates her love not only for chaat but also for her hometown with the heartwarming caption, “LOVE is when you eat golgappas, papdi chaat and tikki in your hometown and BLESSING is when you can share the experience with your family.” And she indeed does so, by gobbling up spicy-sweet puris and aloo tikki at the roadside vendor as we would with family! 

Tahira taking a bite of the pizza is quite a temptation to order up a cheesy crust over the weekend for a delicious dinner binge. Now a days, putting burrata on pizza has become a new foody trend and involves cutting into a giant dollop of this mozzarella cheese and spreading it onto a slice before taking a bite. However, nothing beats a classic margherita or a pepperoni, made from generous quantities of plain mozzarella cheese and a delicious helping of tomato sauce. 

Tell us in the comments below what your favourite type of pizza is and what kind of chaat you would prefer to gorge on this weekend!