Tahini: The Two-Ingredient Middle-Eastern Sesame Seed Dip
Image Credit: Tahini

Come winter, there are plenty of food items that are associated with this time of the year. Carrots, radishes, and green leafy vegetables, along with citrus fruits like oranges, adorn the markets. Similarly, certain grains, spices, seeds, etc. are also specific to this weather change. Grains with warming properties like bajra and ragi are consumed, and sesame seeds also make their way into dishes.

Sesame seeds are so important in our diet during the winter that they are also associated with festivals like Makar Sankranti. Sweetmeats like til chikki and ladoos are made around this time. While these are all classic Indian dishes, sesame seeds are a vital ingredient in the meals prepared by people in the Middle East as well. How do you ask? in the form of sauces and dips. One such dip is tahini. Made with roasted sesame seeds ground into a thick paste and mixed with olive oil, this condiment is a great pairing for wraps, burgers, sandwiches, and more.

The nutty flavours of tahini sauce work well with kebabs, koftas, and other meaty dishes too. It is even added to condiments like hummus and baba ghanoush. So, here's how to make this delectable sauce at home.


    Sesame seeds 

    Olive oil 


    Take some sesame seeds and wash them well. Drain all the water and dry them.

    Once you have the clean seeds, add them to a pan and toss them on medium heat.

    Roast them for a few minutes until they start popping.

    Next, add these roasted sesame seeds to a blender and throw in a pinch of salt.

    Grind it until all of the seeds are crushed.

    Then add some olive oil and grind it again to achieve a smooth paste.

    Once you have the desired consistency, take it out.

    Now, you can spread it on your sandwiches and wraps, pair it with chips, or simply add it to hummus.