Switch To These Tea Time Snacks And Make Your Evenings Healthy

Since the beginning of time, tea has won the hearts and minds of Indians, and for the majority of us, a cup of kadak chai is a need for breakfast, mid-meal snacks, and the entire day. When the subject of evening tea or mid-meal munching is brought up, people all throughout the country think of fried, crunchy snacks like samosas, kachoris, bonda, and pakodas. However, ingesting these Indian favourites frequently might be rather unhealthy. 

Due to the fact that it helps them unwind after a long day, Indians make drinking tea in the evening a regular practise. It's time to relax and spend time with the people you care about, so when it's time for evening tea, you can't help but think of samosas and pakoras to go with your tea, where you have a good possibility of failing at all of your fitness and health goals and your need for fried food will take over. But if you keep to your resolution to eat only wholesome foods, you might not need to give up your evening snacks. Simply make better decisions while making the decision to munch on healthy foods. Here’s what you can make. 

Multigrain Idli: It's easy to make multigrain idlis. Simply replace the rice with whole wheat and some healthy flours like jowar, ragi, and bajra. The dish also includes fenugreek seeds, another fantastic food with anti-diabetic properties. 

Multigrain Murukku - A common dish murukku is a delicious and crispy South Indian snack. A deep-fried snack known as murukku is made with ragi flour and loaded with healthy components like oats and urad dal before being cooked to perfection. 

Multigrain Garlic Bread: Italian food lovers, just raise your hands for this one! Here, we provide you with a better alternative of enjoying this immensely famous dish. Chewy multigrain bread that has been oven-toasted and flavoured with pungent garlic and butter is a favourite option. 

Multigrain Paratha: Next is the choice of multigrain paratha. It can be had at any time as a mid-meal snack or for breakfast. A wonderful, healthy paratha loaded with jowar and ragi goodness! 

Multigrain Pizza: Here's another Italian dish for you. Delicious pizza without any guilt. Enjoy the wholesome pizza made with healthy ingredients.