Enjoy Your Tea Time With Some Vegetable Pockets

Many of us consider tea time to be our favourite part of the day. Tea is happiness in the midst of chaos after a busy day. What better can be to enjoy a delicious platter of snacks when it comes to tea? With our evening brew, every type of snack—fried or healthy—is welcome. Cooking snacks, especially with tea, looks like a big chore, though. After all, nobody likes to prepare the masala for the samosas and kachoris, then fry them. So many of us settle for the standard namkeen and biscuits. But if you want a different flavour, we have the perfect recipe for a snack. You must try the delicious vegetable pockets we're about to present to you in this recipe. 

Anytime of the day is a perfect time to consume vegetable pockets as a snack. In fact, you can experiment and try different flavours with the stuffing. However, if you want to keep things straightforward, you should try this veggie pockets. To improve the nutritional value of this snack, a tonne of vegetables were utilised in this recipe. The exterior of this veggie pocket is crispy, but the interior is soft. This can also be dipped in ketchup or a hot chutney! The complete recipe is provided below. 


1 cup All Purpose Flour 

1 tbsp Oil 

1 tsp black pepper powder 

1 tsp Red Chilli Powder 

Salt to taste 

1 Onion 

1 Capsicum 

1 packet Mushrooms 

1 Carrot 


Mix some maida, salt, and oil together. Using this, make dough. Set it aside. Meanwhile, chop the mushrooms, capsicum, onions, and carrots. In a pan, heat some oil and cook the veggies. Add chaat masala, salt,black pepper, and red chilli powder. Put the filling in the centre of the dough once it has been spread out. Close this up like a potli to keep the filling from escaping. Depending on your preference, you may now deep-fry these puffs, bake them, or even fry them in the air. When they are crisp and golden, remove them and serve with chai. These vegetable bundles are cooked until they are golden brown and are both juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. It is the perfect afternoon snack to go with your cup of tea. You can eat these while enjoying your favourite homemade chutney, sauce, or dip.