Swiggy Customer Was Left “Speechless” After Receiving His Order Of A Cake, Here’s Why
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

We’ve all had some or the other unique experiences with food delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy – be it a mix-up of orders or a hilarious conversation with their chat executives. Now in a latest such incident, a person was left “speechless” by Swiggy after the food delivery giant mixed up his instructions for a cake he had ordered from a bakery in Nagpur. Wondering why? Read on. A man recently took to Twitter and narrated an incident where he had asked the online food delivery service to mention whether the cake contained eggs or not. The man said, instead of mentioning it in the order details, someone wrote, “contain egg”, on the cake itself! Yes, you read that right. 

“So I ordered a cake from a renowned bakery in Nagpur, through Swiggy. In the order details, I mentioned 'Please mention if the cake contains egg'. I am speechless after receiving the order,” said the customer. He also shared an image of the cake with the tweet, which indeed looks hilarious. Take a look at the post:

While the mischief was completely harmless, and didn’t affect the flavour or quality of the delivered cake, the incident led to the social media having a field day. While internet users had some interesting reactions, Swiggy too responded to resolve the issue to its customer's satisfaction.  

Apologising to the customer, Swiggy said that the restaurant partner “failed to understand” his instructions. “Allow us to take a closer look, please share the order ID for further assistance,” it added.

Meanwhile, people had a field day laughing at the confusion. “This is awesome. You can't actually blame the restaurant guy totally. He took your instructions word by word,” commented a user. 

A person said, “Man, sorry but this is really funny. Should be in the news lol.” 

Some users also shared how they had to undergo a similar experience because the restaurant could not understand their instructions.


When a user asked Wasnik why he did not name the “renowned bakery”, he said felt it was an “honest mistake” and did not want to defame it.


Overwhelmed with the response to this post, the person said that he has “no hard feelings” for Swiggy. “Overwhelmed with joy at the responses to this tweet. So happy to know that this made many people laugh. Thank you so much, Twitterati. No hard feelings Swiggy-- you are awesome,” he said. 

He also said that Swiggy has initiated the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

 While it may be a genuine mistake, it actually did make us laugh a lot. Isn't this one of the funniest conversations on Twitter today? Let us know your thoughts.