Thinking about desserts is incomplete without getting cherries on the mind. Cherries are a versatile fruit in the summer, with cherry pies that readily transition to a warm chocolate dessert with cherries in the winter. The cherry is a fruit that can be used in a variety of ways. Salads, meat marinades, and other savoury foods can all be made from it. You'll be astonished at how many diverse dishes there are to savour the flavour of cherry, from cupcakes to cookies to pie and more. 

Here are some desserts you can make with Cherries-

Cherry Pie

A Cherry pie is a baked pie that has a filling of cherries in it. Traditionally, sour cherries rather than sweet cherries are used to make cherry pies. While black cherries and other cherry varietals can also be used, morello cherries are among the most popular. Cherry pie is usually consumed with ice cream or whipped cream. The practice of adorning the crust with elaborate pastry patterns during preparation is widespread in the United States. You can serve the pie with or without a dollop of vanilla ice cream, warm, at room temperature, or even cold. To prepare a cherry pie, you can use a variety of cherries, and the same is true of the pastry crusts.

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Cherry Pie Crumb Bars

This buttery delicacy is prepared with a delicious cherry pie filling and a crumbly topping! If you need to quickly use up a large number of cherries, this recipe is fantastic. A sweet cherry filling is spread over a crumbly cookie base, and then more crumbly goodness is added on top.

Cherry Pie Crumb Bars/ Instagram- vanilla_bean_homebakers

Cherry Cheesecakes

Cherry cheesecakes have a soul-satisfying quality to them. Cherry cheesecake is an authentic American classic. Who doesn't like a warm cheesecake with crumbled biscuits in the crust and favourite toppings on the top? Cherry cheesecake is a perfect dessert to indulge yourself in. It is soft and melts in the mouth with all the bursting flavours of cherry. 

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Cheery Icecream

Cherry ice cream is a popular ice cream flavour that typically contains whole, sliced, or chopped cherries as well as cherry juice or cherry juice concentrate. Black cherries, bing cherries, and sour cherry varieties are some of the cherry cultivars that are used. Cherry ice cream has different flavours of cherries like sweetness, sourness and sometimes tanginess. A bite of cherry ice cream is sure to take away all your gloominess with a touch of sweetness. 

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Cherry Pudding

Cherry pudding is a delectable cherry dessert. You have to try it if you enjoy cherries. It is a really tasty delicacy with a subtle but distinct flavour that quickly conjures images of summer. Everyone, young and old, is truly satisfied by the fresh and creamy cherry pudding. The pudding is just sweet enough to tingle your sweet taste buds and transport you to the dreamy cherry world!

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