Sweet Savoury Pairing For Independence Day
Image Credit: Pumpkin Lasagna

With 15th August being a long weekend, we have all the time to dig into the goodness of some fancy meal. It’s time to ditch the usual Jalebi, Laddoo and Samosa and indulge in these Italian dishes or off beat desserts that are surely everything my ordinary. Up you’re A-game and lay the table with these exotic dishes. Independence Day should always been one delectable affair. 

Here’s the recipe of Pumpkin Lasagna recipe and Kanafeh from the The Den Bengaluru. The recipe is curated by Chef Abhijeet Khot, Sous Chef, Layla, The Den, Bengaluru

Pumpkin Lasagna

    1000 gms pumpkin

    1200 gms ricotta cheese

    400 gms porcini mushroom

    250 gms caramelized onion

    200 gms ghee

    5 gms black pepper

    4 gms olive oil

For Sauce

    2 gms    turmeric

    180 gms onion

    300 gms white wine

    1gms    saffron

    400gms yellow capsicum

    2 gms    salt

    20 gms    garlic

    5 gms    chili powder

    8 gms    sugar

    3 nos    lemon


    Slice the pumpkin thin and layer it in a pan

    Arrange 4 layers of pumpkin with ghee, salt, black pepper

    Put the mixture of ricotta cheese, porcini, caramelized onion on the sliced pumpkin

    Repeat the procedure till we have two layers of cheese and three layers of pumpkin

    Cook it the oven for 45 minutes

    Heat the pepper sauce and place the cooked pumpkin lasagna on it

    Sprinkle chilli powder and olive on it

    Garnish with coriander leaves


Sugar Syrup 

    100 gm    sugar 

    180 ml    water

    2 nos cardamom

    2 tbsp lemon juice 

    35 ml    rose water 

Cheese mixture 

    12 gm salt 

    230 gm    mozzarella cheese 

    120 gm    goat cheese 

    150 gm    ricotta cheese 

Vermicelli mixture 

    400 gms ghee 

    500 gms vermicelli


    Prepare the sugar syrup by adding all the ingredients and bringing them to a boil to a thick consistency.

    Cut the mozzarella cheese into medium-sized cubes, prepare the cheese mixture by putting all the ingredients in the planetary mixture and blending well.

    For the vermicelli mixture melt the ghee and pour it over the vermicelli and gently mix till the vermicelli gets soaked with the ghee well.

    Assembly -  lower base with 50gm vermicelli mix, In the centre 120 gms cheese mixture  and top layer with 50gm Vermicelli Mix 

Baking temperature – 200 deg C
Baking time – 15 mins till golden brown