Suresh Raina's Barbecuing Skills Impress Netizens
Image Credit: Pexels

Cricketer Suresh Raina is a big foodie and his Instagram feed is a tell-tale. From relishing Dutch delicacies to enjoying Japanese food, Suresh loves to indulge in a feast along with his friends and family. However, Suresh isn’t just an ardent lover of good food, the sport star also loves to don the chef hat every once in a while. Playing chef to his friends and family, Suresh was spotted showing off his culinary skills in the Netherlands recently. Suresh and his wife Priyanka Raina had organised a barbecue for their friends and the couple was seen grilling corn, vegetables and steaks on a barbecue grill. The couple was celebrating Priyanka’s birthday. 

In a video shared by Priyanka, Suresh was seen grilling food. This video was re-shared by Suresh on his Instagram story. Priyanka had captioned Suresh’s attempt at barbecue by writing, ‘my man.’ Priyanka also took to her social media to share photos of her birthday cake. In the photos she was seen cutting two cakes, while standing next to Suresh and her kids. One of the cake was a photo cake which had vanilla frosting, colourful sprinkles and a photo of Priyanka on it. The other cake was a chocolate mousse cake that had candles in the shape of hearts on it. Priyanka was celebrating her 36th birthday. 

Credit: Instagram/priyankacraina

Suresh took to his social media and shared a reel on his Instagram feed, with snippets of Priyanka’s birthday celebration. In the reel, you could see Suresh and Priyanka eating cake with their friends and family, barbecuing, opening gifts and enjoying snacks laid out on a table in front of them. Suresh captioned the reel, “Thank you to each one of you for pouring your wishes for Priyanka's birthday. It is so overwhelming to see all the love & blessings.” 


Suresh is a big-time foodie and his social media is rampant with posts enjoying ice-cream, a cup of coffee, cake, kebabs and more. Suresh who spends most of his time with his friends and family in the Netherlands keeps uploading photos of his cooking escapades. Recently, he posted a reel in which his entire family was seen cooking together. While his kids were seen rolling the dough and making a pizza, Suresh was cooking something in a haandi. Priyanka was assisting her kids in cooking. Suresh and Priyanka who jointly shared the reel, captioned it, “Family that cooks together, stays together. Hubby's obsession with hand cooking & Gracia's obsession with pizza. Rio is doing what he does the best... being the cutest.”