Summer is all about eating light and keeping yourself hydrated. And City of Joy has geared up with the season and mood.

Here are few of the best places where you can head and enjoy some summer delicacies as you sip your favourite cocktails or mocktails. 

#45℃ Reliever-AtomYumm 

Imagine you’re parched in the sun and you come into AtomYumm - and you’re greeted with a Watermelon Freezzee, and an English Green & Black Grape Salad. That’s a fix for your body and your taste buds both! Starting off with the thirst quenchers on offer, patrons can begin with a Kiwi Punch (INR 349), which is a whipped concoction of crushed kiwi, kiwi juice, egg whites, topped up with rosemary, Watermelon Freezzee (INR 299/799-to be shared amongst 3), mixing the summertime favourite fruit chunks with mint and lime juice served in the watermelon shell. The AtomYummic Summer Refresher (INR 449) and much more,

Chicken Tacos with exotic fruits/ Pic- AtomYumm 


While your munchies options sees English Green and Black Grape Salad (INR 399), a lightly sweet n savoury salad loaded with grapes, mayo, Mango Red Chilli Pasta (INR 429), available in both veg and non-veg variants, The Cocktail Fruits Spring Roll with either Shrimp or Chicken (INR 449/399) highlights the seasonal fruits encased in a wonton wrap with the choice of protein and stir fried lightly in butter, Chicken Tacos with Exotic Fruits (INR 419), where fresh flavours of mexicana meets fruity delights, replete with coriander garnish, and end the culinary journey with the indulgent Chilli Kiwi Chicken (INR 449), where the trinity of kiwis, eggs and chicken makes for a exquisite offering. 

Infinity by Angaar, JW Marriott 

April marks the conclusion of spring, and with it comes the anticipation of rejuvenating dip in the pool, refreshing fruity cocktails with flavourful salads, pizza and the fervour of the cricket season. Located beside the calm of the Infinity pool overlooking the cityscape, JW Marriott, Kolkata launches “Infinity by Angaar”, a seasonal outlet to revel in the summers.

Summer delights/ Pic- JW Marriot


The day menu features a curated selection of fresh salads, sandwiches, burgers, and wraps that are handcrafted with farm-sourced, healthy ingredients like ‘Caesar Reimagined’, 'Summer Salad', ‘Kolkata Club’, 'Chicken Tikka Burrito’, ‘Paneer Tikka Burrito’ or ‘Pimento Cheese patty melts’ and more. The evening menu brings Mediterranean flavours of the ‘Maftoul Salad’, taste the earthy notes of 'Kakori Kebab', ‘Crisp fried Falafel Wrap with Hummus and Tzatziki’, ‘Chicken gyro wrap with hummus and toum', and the ‘Chicken Gyro Wrap with hummus’. ‘Turkish Spiced Lamb Pide’ and ‘Turkish Kunefe’ and more. 

The talented in-house mixologists have prepared an array of exotic concoctions for guests to choose from, with cocktails like ‘Paradiso Sour’, ‘Mr. Green Hopper’, and ‘Electric Kamikaze’, and mocktails like ‘Tuk Tuk Mojito’, ‘Petal Talk’ and ‘Hawaiian Colada’.

Unwind in the lap of luxury with a relaxing foot ritual designed to alleviate stress and tension for a blissful evening. 

Where- 4A, J.B.S Haldane Avenue, Kolkata – 700 105
Time- Day menu – 11 am to 4 pm, Evening menu- 4 pm to 11:30 pm
When-  Whole of Summer

Cloud Social Rooftop Lounge

With Summer here, ease the heat and spend a refreshing summer at Cloud Social Rooftop Lounge. Summer is that time of the year when you want to eat light yet nourishing food. Cloud Social Rooftop Lounge is all set with a Special Summer Menu and has kept in mind the seasonal fruits and vegetables that are available during this time and curated the menu accordingly. From soups to salads, starters, main course, desserts and chilling drinks, the menu has everything that’s just apt for the season.  

Oven Roasted Watermelon Feta Salad/ Pic-Cloud Social Rooftop Lounge


So drop in at Cloud Social Rooftop Lounge with your friends and family and enjoy this menu to sooth your summer palette. The menu sees Corn Bellpepper Chowder Soup; Oven Roasted Watermelon Feta Salad; In Starters are Duplex Mushroom, Kalmi Kebab, Soya Malai Kebab, In Main Course are Soya Rara Masalader with Pudina Lachha Paratha, Lemon Rice with Teriyaki Soya Chaap;  Desserts are Mango Cheesecake, Tandoori Tikwali Mawa; Mocktails are Mango Bloom, Ice Lime Punch, Cloudy Moody and much more.

Where- 145 Rashbehari Avenue, 6th Floor, Terrace, Kolkata – 700029
Time- Monday-Friday 2 PM- 1 AM, Saturday and Sunday-12 noon -1 AM
When-  23rd May to 23rd June 2022


Get a jump on summer with Bunaphile’s breezy summer menu! It is the perfect time for Kolkatans to indulge in delectable dishes. Warmer weather is upon us and what better time to enjoy meals out of the house than at Bunaphile, where their new summer menu has been launched. Bringing appropriately seasonal flavours to the dishes, Bunaphile will ensure that the diners fall in love with the light casual choices. The special curated menu not just coolers with unusual flavours but also savoury dishes that pack a punch with its ingredients and freshness. 

Belgium waffle with Rabri / Pic-Bunaphile


The special summer menu comprises classics like cold coffee at INR 249, Watermelon Cooler atINR 249, Orange cooler at INR 229, Mango & Coffee cooler at INR 209, Cold Fruit Salad at INR 329. Then the culinary sojourn amps up with Grilled Doi Bhetki (INR 489), which is a delightful melange of cooling yogurt adorned atop a slab of bhetki served with rice, Steamed Creamy Shorshe Prawn (INR 449), an inevitably iconic dish which can satiate the taste buds, Mutton Keema Roll (INR 349), which promises to be inviting. To round up the deliciousness, Belgian Waffles with Rabdi (INR 329) will surely be a spontaneous hit while Caramel Affogato (INR 249) will be a dessert lover's delight.

Where- 145 Rashbehari Avenue, 6th Floor, Terrace, Kolkata – 700029
When-  23rd May to 23rd June 2022


Fresh lemonade, windows down, suntan lotion, the crimson/jade hues of watermelon. These are the signs of summer, which are in full swing, along with it, the favourite pastime during hot weather: eating. Cafe Na-Ru-Meg has introduced a menu that screams delight with every bite. The summertime offerings in the menu will make everyone pile onto every car just to taste the seasonal dishes. The menu is designed to turn heads by having a refreshing take on old favourites.

Narumeg Spicywisy Fried Chicken Gondhoraj / Pic-Bunaphile

Diners can expect a slightly modern touch to the old classics on the green terraces of this beloved destination. The swoon-worthy dishes include : Spicywisy Fried Chicken Gondhoraj (INR 420) - where the king lemon takes centre stage with delicate flavours furnished into chicken pakoras alongside peas pulao and nachos, Crumbled Jhinga where crumb fried juicy prawns joins hands with kasundi and green chutney (INR 495), the delectable Kosha Mangsho Pizza - a melange of two crowd favourites, Kosha Mangsho resides in the heart of every bengali and add that to the crowd favourite pizza and we have a winning combination (INR 495), a venerable UK twist to an old classic produces Midland Aloo Posto Tikki (INR 280), the house special Chicken 56A boasts of shredded chicken in a tangy mango sauce and peas pulao (INR 420). Fish lovers can look no further than the Gondhoraj Fish Meuniere where bhetki cubes are lovingly draped in a cheese sauce and jhuri aloo bhaja (INR 450).

The kind of food served at the cafe is more on the continental side hence to change that the brand has Bengal on a plate. Ingredients like gondhoraj lebu, kasundi, posto etc are beloved items in Bengal, have been incorporated in the menu. 

Where- 56A, Raja Basanta Roy Road, Southern Avenue, 700029
Time- 12pm-10pm daily
When-  the whole summer

Deck 88

The specially curated menu contains a mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic coolers for all. One can start off with Mango Poptini (INR 345), a melange of mango puree, vodka and crushed popcorn, Mango Daiquiri packs a punch with rum and mango puree, Alphonso Margarita (INR 345) is sure to entice the taste buds with tequila, gin and raw

mango muddled together, Boss on the Deck (INR 345) features an interesting combo of gin, turmeric and raw mango, Summer Blast which has aam panna and gin. The non- alcoholic variants feature Masala Mantra (INR 245), a heady mix of ginger juice, raw mango, bell pepper and orange juice, May Fair’s Lady (INR 245) brings on the charm with mango pulp, vanilla ice cream and grenadine, Mango Mojo (INR 245)simply uses mango chunks, lemon juice, mint syrup and ginger.

Where- The Astor Kolkata, 15, Shakespeare Sarani Rd, beside Nightingale Hospital, Kankaria Estates, Park Street area, 700071
Time- 5PM-11PM everyday
When-  20th-30th May,2022

Vintage Asia, JW Marriott

JW Marriott Kolkata's fine dining Asian restaurant, 'Vintage Asia,' is all set to unveil its flavorful and redefined menu, curated by Chef De Cuisine - Asian, Chef Tej – B. Saru, for the city's food connoisseurs. This high-energy restaurant exudes a modern, endearing and welcoming vibe. The culinary team's specially crafted menu features a medley of dynamic Asian selections prepared and proffered with finesse and flair.

Summer sushi special


The menu will boast of stimulating flavor profiles found in Asia from wok to soups, to grills, to appetizers, the main course and desserts along with more than 20 variations of classic dim sums like ‘Edamame & Truffle’, ‘Truffle & Gold – Mushroom Nest’,’Siu Mai Chicken and Mostly Shiitake’,to name a few. The plant based big salts features sees ‘ Kung Pao Mock Duck’, ‘Pork Spare Ribs  with light soya glaze and star anise’, ‘ Barbecue NZ Lamb Chops, Kaffir Lime, Lemon and Clarified butter’. The list goes with Asian inspired exotic concoctions like ' Asiatic Mary', 'Chilly Melon Plumtini', 'Tex Mex Chilly Margarita,' Tokyo No 6' ‘TukTuk Bangkok Mojito’, ‘The Last Mai Tai’, Vintage Asia’s Signature Sour’ and ‘ChaguanSangria’ and more. 

Where- 4A, J.B.S Haldane Avenue, Kolkata – 700 105
Time- Lunch– 12:30pm - 3:00pm (all days of the week), Dinner– 7:00pm – 11:30pm (all days of the week)
When-  Whole of Summer