Summer Diet: Quick And Easy Recipe For Making Matka Kulfi At Home
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @delicacyfood_by_nazo

It seems like we don’t need to wait till May or June for the peak summer season to arrive, because the heat is taking over us now itself. Thanks to the scorching sun, we are experiencing a sudden rise in temperature. This extreme heat calls for a shift in our diet. Don’t you think so? Each time we enter a new season, our diet automatically takes a shift. Our food habits undergo a change as soon as we start with the summer months, and we start to crave ice creams, popsicles, sodas, citrus fruits and all such chilled foods and beverages. One such food that we simply can’t resist during the summer season (if you ask me, winters too!) is kulfi. Aren’t you slurping already? Well, we surely are!  

The very idea of creamy, icy kulfi makes us drool every single time. Kulfi, with its strong earthy flavour and soothing texture makes for a crowd pleaser, and so this desi ice cream is a super popular choice across age groups. The best part, you ask? You can make it easily at home too! That’s right. Making kulfi at home is a super easy affair and there are many recipes with us that can help you get it done quickly. 

But here we have one super quick and easy process that can help you make kulfi in no more than 10 minutes. You heard us. You need nothing extravagant for it, not even a gas stove. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? While you may have devoured kulfi on a stick a number of times, ever tried matka kulfi? The difference in ingredients and procedure is no different, it only differs in the way you eat.  

To make matka kulfi at home, you only need a handful of ingredients including nuts, cream, saffron, milk powder and sugar. All of this will be whisked together and added into a matka (earthen pot) to refrigerate and set. Not only does the matka lend an earthy flavour to it but also keeps it cool later.  

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Cashew nuts




Fresh cream 

Saffron strands  

Milk powder


1. Blend almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio, cardamom and sugar into a fine powder. 

2. Take fresh cream in a bowl and whisk until it turns frothy. 

3. Now, add saffron strands and milk powder to it and whisk well. 

4. Add the dry fruit mix powder and whisk again. 

5. Take the matka and add the mixture. 

6. Garnish it with chopped dry fruits and saffron strands to it, and cover with foil paper. 

7. Refrigerate for at least six hours and serve chilled.