Summer Desserts: Try These 4 Amazing Falooda Recipes This Season
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

Falooda is a complete dessert that can be savoured at any time. It is full of flavours, soft ingredients and sweetness. A dash of sweetness melts and satisfies your taste buds every time you put a spoonful in your mouth.

This decadent dessert is ideal for the summer. The scrumptious and creamy milky mixture is now available not just in India but also in other parts of the world, including Toronto. You will get the most fantastic dessert flavours at any Indian food restaurant or at falooda stalls on the streets.

The Persian Faloodeh is the origins of the name given to this dessert, which is supposed to have originated in Persia. However, it is now a popular Indian dessert.  Furthermore, while the dessert's basic structure remains the same, it is now created and altered in a variety of flavours, variations and twists. You can customize the toppings and flavours according to your preferences. To satisfy your taste buds, you can customize the falooda with your favourite ice cream, syrup and toppings.

Here are some of the most amazing falooda recipes for you to try at home.

Phirni and Rabdi Falooda

Imagine combining the two most popular and well-liked desserts, phirni and rabri, in your falooda. Don't you think it'll be delicious? Yes, it will, and this delicious Indian delicacy has found its way into restaurants all around the world, including Toronto.


Kulfi Falooda

The most popular kulfi falooda is everyone's favourite, from children to adults. This is one of the most classic variatins of this delicacy and it can currently be found in India and abroad. The kulfi's rich texture and intense flavour makes it even more decadent and a fantastic dessert for everyone. It results in a completely enjoyable experience.

Mixed Fruit Falooda

With the mixed fruit falooda, it's time to forego the flavouring agents and syrups and instead top the falooda with a variety of fresh fruits. You can choose from berries to kiwis, cherries and more, to top up your dessert.

Mango Falooda

Mangoes come to mind when you think of summer. Mango, the king of fruits cannot be let go when you are talking of faloodas. Mango juice, mango pulp, diced mangoes or even mango syrup can be used to make this simple dessert. Just make sure you've got plenty of your favourite fruit to go with it. 

Apart from these, jelly falooda, dry fruits, rose falooda and many other variations are available. But, no matter which of these options you choose, they will all satisfy your taste buds during the hot summer days. So go ahead and give them a shot.