Summer Desserts: 6 Cool Recipes To Fix Your Cravings
Image Credit: Freepik

Isn’t summer all about carrying sunscreen around while eating ice cream? The summer season brings with it a variety of juicy fruits and vegetables with high water content to keep you hydrated throughout the day. But nothing can fix the sweet tooth apart from some mouth-melting desserts.

If you have a sweet tooth, why don’t you make some summer desserts that will not only curb your cravings but will also keep you refreshed? Be it for a relaxing pool party, a barbecue night, or just for your kids on their summer vacation, these desserts will be perfect for any occasion. So, put your chef’s hat on, make some finger-licking desserts, and get a chef’s kiss from everyone around you.

Aam Panna Cotta

Aam panna cotta is a fusion summer-special dessert that’s even easy to make. The dessert is just an elevation to the regular panna cotta. You can make panna cotta by whisking gelatin powder and water or milk as per your preference. Then, you can mix milk, heavy cream, and sugar and heat them till the sugar dissolves. Then, refrigerate the panna cotta for about four hours, and add mango puree mixed with gelatin. Further, refrigerate for about two hours and enjoy.


Falooda is a flavourful Indian dessert that’s just perfect for a hot summer day. The layered dessert is made with flavoured vermicelli, chia seeds, rabri (thickened milk), ice cream scoops, and chopped fruits, along with flavours like rose water, mango, pistachio, etc. After all these layers, the falooda is garnished with chopped dry fruits and nuts like dried cherries, almonds, cashew nuts, and so on.


Kulfi is a traditional Indian dessert that is denser than Western ice cream and has richer flavours. You make kulfi at home by simmering milk with sugar and flavours with fruits like mango, berries, litchi, banana, etc. Other than fruits, you can use spices or nuts like kesar, pista, almonds, elaichi (cardamom), rose, and the list goes on. Once the milk is thickened, it is churned, and you freeze it till the kulfi is set and then relish it.

Cherry Cupcake

Cherries are delightful and juicy summer fruits that can be used in various desserts. Just the way you would bake regular cupcakes, you can make the batter with flour, milk, butter, eggs, baking soda, baking powder, powdered sugar, and a little salt. Then, fold in chopped cherries, pour the batter into moulds, and bake. Finally, you can decorate the cupcakes with buttercream frosting and literally add a cherry to the cake.

Coconut Barfi

Coconuts can literally transport you to a tropical land and give you beachy vibes. For a summer special dessert, you can make colourful coconut barfi. It’s also easy and quick to make. All you need to do is mix shredded coconut with condensed milk, ghee, and sugar. Mix in all the contents till you get a fudge-like consistency. Then, let it cool and garnish it with some chopped dry fruits and nuts. Finally, cut the barfi into squares and enjoy.

Watermelon Popsicle

There’s nothing better than licking a fruity popsicle in the scorching heat of the summer. And what’s better than a highly refreshing fruit, watermelon, to make the popsicle? By taking pureed watermelon and removing all the seeds, you can add some lemon juice and honey to make it sweet and flavourful. Then, pour the contents into popsicle moulds, freeze till they are set, and spend your summer afternoons with a watermelon-flavoured icy dessert.