Ice Cream Day 2022: 4 Homemade Ice Cream Recipes You Must Try
Image Credit: Pixabay, Homemade Ice Creams

Let’s just agree you can never get too old for eating an ice cream. No matter what age you are, ice cream is one dessert most of us simply can’t say no to. Be it the good-old scoop of vanilla over a crunchy cone or the smooth Belgian chocolate with nuts, one can have as many flavours as they want on the ‘favourites’ list. 

Jessi Lane Adams has rightly described ice cream as ‘happiness condensed’. But where exactly did ice cream actually originate? There are many different theories around the same. Be it Gelato in Italy, Ice Cream in America or Kulfi in India, the history of these frozen confections is quite vague. While in one account, you’ll find that Marco Polo introduced ice cream to Italy, certain traces of history link its origin to iced drinks that were enjoyed by King Solomon. 

Some say that Romans, in fact, started preparing ice creams when ice was collected and stacked in ice houses (straw covered pits). However, there is significant proof that suggests that the milk-based ice cream is in fact a Chinese invention. The emperors of the Tang Dynasty are believed to have been the first to eat ‘a frozen milk-like confection’, which was made using buffalo or cow milk. It had flour combined with camphor, which was used for flavour. The mixture was poured into metal tubes and kept in an ice pool until frozen. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Image: Pixabay

Imagine if ice cream could be made such a long time ago, without machines and refined ingredients, how easy it would be to make it at home today. While we do agree that there are ample options and flavours of ice cream available in the market today, making ice cream at home is an experience of its own, one which comes with some benefits too! Not only will you have the option to control the quantity of ingredients - for instance, sugar or other refined products - you can also be rest assured of the quality of the treat. From fresh milk to the choicest fruits, nuts and chocolates, there are many factors that can make for a good ice cream.  

Further, ice cream is one recipe which barely requires any special equipment other than a freezer. So, if you’re craving a yummy summer treat after your main course meal, our list of top ice cream recipes is sure to get you covered for the summer season: 

1. Jamun Ice Cream 

No better way to say hello to the summer season! Jamun or black plums are a staple of the summer season, and this ice cream is one of the best ways to enjoy it as much as possible. 

2. Mango Ice Cream 

King of fruits, mango is super versatile and extremely popular in India. Guess it’s time you move on from the good old mango shake and try this rich and creamy ice cream made with the goodness of mango pulp and milk. A lovely seasonal treat. 

3. Blueberry Ice Cream 

The tiny sweet and tarty summer fruit makes for a perfect ice cream flavour. This recipe adds a hint of cream cheese, making it extra rich and creamy, while bursting with fresh blueberry flavour. 

4. Chocolate Ice Cream 

One of the most loved flavours, chocolate ice cream without a doubt is one that has a fan in the majority of ice cream lovers. But did you know how easy it is to prepare? This simple recipe will make you rethink the store-bought tub.