Summer 2022: This Chocolate Lassi By Chef Ranveer Brar Is The Ultimate Thirst Quencher
Image Credit: Image: Chef Ranveer Brar

Let’s just agree that North Indian cuisine never fails to impress our taste buds. No wonder it has taken over the taste buds of people all over the world, even renowned international chefs. The rich and sumptuous dishes of the Punjabi cuisine have found love in almost every part of the world. I remember spotting an all-exclusive Punjabi restaurant on a bustling street in New York City, and couldn’t be more proud to see it all packed with people. The classic butter chicken, dal dhaba or Amritsari chole has time and again put India on the world food map. But that’s not all. Punjabi drinks, especially the good old lassi is another treasure that Punjabis have gladly shared with us all.  

Lassi is just a simple curd and water drink, but one sip in is enough for a refreshing, hydrating and recharging break during the scorching summer heat. While we have both spiced and sweetened lassi, I have a soft spot for the latter, even though both can win us over at any time of the day.  

Moreover, lassi is one beverage you can experiment with to your heart’s content. There are so many flavours that one can make - mint lassi, mango lassi, rose lassi and so on. And as the summer season raises the temperature with each passing day, there is nothing else you would need to beat the heat, but the good old lassi.

And it seems like Chef Ranveer Brar knows it the best as he brings to you another sweet lassi to add to the list - chocolate lassi! Aren’t you slurping already? 

Chocolate lassi is perfect for people of all age groups, while kids would love the addition of their favourite chocolate syrup, adults can relish a unique spin to their favourite drink. And well, let’s just agree that chocolate lassi isn’t just a drink but also a perfect dessert you can have after a wholesome lunch. 

For people who love the flavour of chocolate but find it weighing down their tummy, this chocolate drink is just perfect. It is also a great way to make the kids drink the beverage that you keep forcing them to have. After all, lassi comes with its own set of health benefits. Having a glass of lassi every day is good for your digestion plus it hydrates and keeps you feeling full for a long time.  

The sweetness of chocolate coupled with the sourness of curd makes for a superb thirst quencher, isn’t it? Here’s the recipe.

Time required: 5 minutes 


· A spoonful Hershey’s chocolate flavour syrup 

· 1 cup ice cubes 

· 200 gms chilled thick yoghurt 

· A pinch of salt 

· 8-9 almonds sliced roasted 

· 2 tbsp water 

Equipment needed: 

· Blender 

· 1 tall serving glass


· Pour ice and yoghurt directly into the blender. 

· Add a pinch of salt. 

· Drizzle Hershey’s chocolate flavour syrup over it. 

· Add some sliced roasted almonds and blend it well. 

· Add water if needed to adjust consistency. 

· Pour into a tall glass and garnish with almonds. 

· Serve chilled. 


Try this delicious drink at home and share your experience with us.