Summer 2022: Beat The Heat With Chef Ranveer Brar’s Refreshing Quenchers
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

The hot and blazing summer is upon us, and while the longer days give us ample amounts of time on our hands, the scorching heat leaves us drained much before the day ends. The wrath of the Indian summer has just begun and it is expected to only intensify in the coming days. And as you go along with your work schedule, doing your daily chores, it is important to also stay hydrated. While water cannot be replaced, one can always add a glass or two of some interesting summer quenchers to the daily diet. The best part is that the summer season gives us the scope to experiment with different ingredients including fresh fruits. From mango, watermelon, berries, cucumber to jamun and litchi - our list of favourite summer ingredients are endless. Imagine how good combining some of these would be?  

As the temperature is on the rise, it’s time to calm yourself with drinks that are best served chilled! And be it adults or kids, everyone needs some chilled drinks and desserts this season to cool down. And it seems like celebrity chef Ranveer Brar knows it best, as he brings to you some of his best summer recipes to cool down this summer season. Icier, fruitier and oh so delicious! These summer recipes by the celebrity chef screams indulgence, and you can enjoy them with your friends and family. 

These summer special recipes curated by the chef for Hershey India are here to cool you down on a hot summer day and give you all the nostalgic feels. While one is a chilled milkshake with a touch of strawberries and decadent whipped cream, another is ice lollies with a pop of watermelon. Aren’t you slurping already? Read on for the recipes.

Image: Chef Ranveer Brar

1. Double Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

Time: 10 minutes 


· 1/2 cup milk (cold) 

· 2 to 3 scoops strawberry ice cream 

· 3 tbsp Hershey’s strawberry flavour syrup 

· Fresh strawberries 

· Whipped cream topping (optional) 

Equipment needed: 

· 1 blender 

· 2 mason jars 


· Place ice cream, milk and Hershey’s strawberry flavour syrup in a blender. Cover and blend until smooth. 

· Garnish with whipped topping and strawberries. 


2. Watermelon Lolly 

Time: 10 minutes 


· 4 tbsp Hershey’s strawberry flavour syrup 

· 1 watermelon (chopped) 

· 1 tbsp ginger juice 

· A pinch of pink salt 

· 1 tsp lime juice 

· 2 tbsp mint leaves (chopped) 

· 1/2 cup milk (cold)

Equipment needed: 

· 1 Blender 

· 1 Mixing Bowl 

· 1 Strainer 

· Popsicle tray 


· In a blender, add chopped watermelons and blend until smooth. 

· Strain out the watermelon juice into a mixing bowl and add ginger juice, pink salt and lime juice; mix well. 

· Add some more chopped watermelon bits to the mixture and coat it with mint leaves. 

· Add strawberry flavour syrup to increase the sweetness; mix thoroughly. 

· Pour the mixture into the popsicle tray; freeze them for at least 6 hours. 

So, which of the summer recipes are you going to try first?