Summer 2022: 4 Drinks To Make The Most Of Muskmelon (Kharbooja) This Season
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

We are well into the summer season, and let’s just admit that we are missing the winter chill and pleasant spring. With temperatures rising every day, we can’t help but treat ourselves to all things light and cool. Summer is a lot about having juicy fruits and cooling drinks to beat the heat and stay hydrated. We let go of heavy, fatty foods and crave chilled beverages to quench our thirst. And the best way to have these drinks is by making them with summer fruits. 

The best part about the season, if you ask me, is the fresh seasonal produce. Summer brings with it many fruits that can be consumed in various, delicious ways. From litchi and mango to watermelon, there are multiple, juicy and luscious fruits that one must add to their summer diet. Muskmelon or kharbooja is another amazing summer fruit that not just offers great taste but is also super nutritious. It has high water content, and is an excellent food to turn into beverages. If you have already been bingeing on mango shake and watermelon juice, give muskmelon a chance as well. The soft, mushy flesh of muskmelon is sure to give your taste buds a refreshing spin.   

With a host of nutrients, including immunity-boosting Vitamin C and A, muskmelon helps detox the body and skin, and its high fibre content helps our digestion system run smoothly. While it is best to consume chopped muskmelon as is, you can always turn it into chilled drinks to aid during the scorching summer heat. Let us tell you how to relish it in the form of hydrating and soothing drinks. 

1. Muskmelon Juice  

The simplest and quickest of all, just like all your fruit juices, muskmelon juice simply requires you to blend chopped pieces of muskmelon with some water.  Stir in a pinch of black salt and throw in some mint leaves, and you have a refreshing glass of juice ready to be relished. You can add in some lemon or your choice of ingredients.

2. Muskmelon Cardamom Drink 

This refreshing muskmelon drink with the goodness of cardamom is just what you need to refresh your mind and body on a hot summer day. A dash of lemon juice perks up the mild flavour of muskmelon, and transforms the drink into a tongue-tickling one. 

3. Muskmelon Milkshake 

Give your regular milkshake a melon-y spin with the goodness of kharbooja and chikoo. This shake requires just the two fruits along with some sugar and milk, blend it all together for a wholesome drink for your next morning meal. 

4. Muskmelon Mojito   

Nothing works better than a chilled glass of mojito on a sultry summer afternoon, isn’t it? Simply blend muskmelon pieces with some sugar, mint leaves and lemon juice, pour it in a glass, add some white rum if you want to give a boozy spin, and top with soda water. Skip the rum for the non-alcoholic version.