Sujeonggwa; Have You Tried This Korean Cinnamon Drink
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Sujeonggwa is a traditional cinnamon punch made in Korea. Its primary ingredients are ginger, water, cinnamon, sugar, and a dark reddish brown colour. It is frequently accompanied by gotgam (dried persimmon) and topped with pine nuts. The cinnamon sticks and ginger are first boiled slowly to make the punch. The residual liquid is then brought to a boil once more after being sweetened with either honey or brown sugar. The sediments are then removed for clarification. After the brew has completely cooled, the dried persimmons are chopped into sections and put to soak and soften. Since prolonged fruit soaking may cause the clear drink to thicken and take on a murky look, this is typically done several hours before serving. Due to its sweet flavour, sujeonggwa is frequently served cold and as a dessert, much like sikhye. Cans of it are also widely accessible.


1. 30 gms fresh ginger (giving around 1/4 cup/ 27g thin strips once peeled)

2. 2 Cinnamon sticks

3. 900 ml water

4. 90 gms sugar

5. 2 Dried persimmon (if available

6. 12 Pine nuts (to serve)


1. Slice the ginger into small strips after peeling. Bring the water and cinnamon and ginger sticks to a boil in a pot.

2. After boiling, put a lid on it and lower the heat to a simmer. Simmer for another 40 to 50 minutes. The colour of the cooking liquid will deepen to a deep red-orange.

3. Add the sugar after removing the ginger and cinnamon from the tea. Stir it in thoroughly so that it dissolves. Add the dried persimmon, allow it to cool to barely warm, and then chill for at least one night.

4. Serve chilled in tiny bowls with part of the persimmon that has been soaked in each bowl (either leave one whole or, cut up which is easier to eat). Put a few pine nuts on top.