5 Therapeutic Drinks To Fight Late-Night Hunger
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Late-night hunger is becoming an increasingly overwhelming problem among young adults and teenagers as a result of hectic work or study schedules. When you don't have time to eat well and also don't have sufficient supplies to eat, you might find yourself skipping meals frequently and developing a habit of eating unhealthy food at night. This can cause numerous health consequences and can impact your daily performance as well.

While it's true that skipping meals during the day is not the only root cause, many reasons can lead to developing this habit. It might also be work or school stress, hormonal changes or no exercising. The big thing is, it all leads to one and only problem which is late-night cravings. There are many reasons why eating late at night and succumbing to pleasures can have negative impacts on the body, but little to no solutions to help curb it.

This is why this article mentions five such therapeutic drinks that can help ease your mind, make you feel satisfied, hydrate your body, and provide therapeutic relief to get rid of this bad habit. The effects of these drinks are backed by science, so you can rest assured and drink them with pleasure.

5 Therapeutic Drinks To Help You Get Rid Of Late-Night Hunger

1) Green Tea with Cinnamon

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After drinking one cup of freshly brewed green tea with a dash of cinnamon, you won't need anything else. Green tea is a drink for the soul. It's packed with antioxidants and an amino acid called L-theanine which promotes relaxation and helps in winding down.

2) Cherry Juice

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Cherries are a favourite summer season fruit that's packed with health benefits. The savoury and tart cherry juice has been linked with various health benefits that aid sleeping. It is because of the amino acid called tryptophan that's in the juice. Tryptophan helps in the production of melatonin that is secreted in the brain in response to a dark environment which helps in winding down. Also, melatonin is naturally present in tart cherries which helps in regulating sleep and wake-up cycles.

3) Almond Milk

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Almond Milk is filled with vitamins, minerals and healthy fibre. These nutrients make it a wholesome hunger quencher for late-night cravings. Moreover, almond milk also contains tryptophan and melatonin which works wonders for inducing sleep and balancing natural circadian rhythms. While you can buy this milk from grocery stores, it's much more beneficial to make yours at home to avoid any added preservatives and chemicals.

4) Warm Milk

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Warm milk, just like almond milk, contains tryptophan which accelerates the production of serotonin (the happy hormone) that gives a pleasing feeling to the body. Serotonin also works as a harbinger for melatonin. The effects of warm milk before sleep are well known and applied for ages, and the fact hasn't changed yet.

5) Turmeric Latte

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Turmeric latte or golden milk is one of the best remedies to boost a good night's sleep. You've seen the effects of warm milk above, now it's time to talk about turmeric. Turmeric is a source of curcumin which is a therapeutic compound that helps in reducing the effects that can lead to sleep deprivation. It's an herbal compound that reduces inflammation and fights anxiety and depression, thus leading to a relaxed mind that faces no difficulty in falling asleep.

These five therapeutic drinks work wonders for those who have unwillingly become night owls. If you have been facing troubles while falling asleep naturally and want to get rid of your late-night craving habit, these drinks will help you get satisfaction and also provide prolonged health benefits.