Study Reveals 43% Urban Indians Order Fast Food Weekly
Image Credit: Unsplash

A recently concluded study indicated that over 43% of urban Indians enjoyed their share of fast food once a week – whether it was ordered from the comfort of their homes or in a beautiful restaurant setting. Irrespective of if one’s on a diet or trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, people living in cities enjoy indulging in consciously-made choices of fast food – with a few factors in specific focus. The survey – which was meant to observe urban Indians’ choices of fast food consumption from chains and outlets, revealed that 93% of customers prioritised quality whereas 76% paid attention to pricing.

Consisting of 950 participants, the study also mentioned that 65% held discount to be a boosting factor in ordering fast food once a week. While 45% of the participants relished fast foods across various chains once a week, 7% of the study sample ate at restaurants on a daily basis. Aiming to spotlight the various quick-service restaurants and food companies following the ‘fake cheese’ controversy that exposed the McDonald’s chain, a qualitative study by the National Centre for Biotechnology Medicine suggests that ‘nutrition education regarding the link between processed food and NCDs and the lower energy needs of urban people will enable people to make better choices.’

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What was also interesting to note about the survey was that most participants weren’t too happy with the quality of fast food from chains like Dominos and McDonald’s – with both chains scoring a 46% and 43% on the chain they liked least. A notable 7% of urban Indians preferred to avoid ordering any fast food at all, according to the study, whereas men and women shared a similar percentage of ordering food from outside with 47% and 44% respectively. Those who responded to the survey also emphasised that the brand of fast food they were ordering also played a crucial role in their decision-making abilities.