Strawberry To Honeydew Melon: 6 Boba Drinks To Beat The Summers
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Boba tea or bubble tea is a famous drink from Taiwan that has recently become immensely popular in India and the rest of the world. This appetising and refreshing drink was first introduced to the world when Taiwanese immigrants brought the recipe to the United States of America, where it instantly became a hit. 

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Now it is exceedingly popular in East Asian countries where people can now find it in a lot of different flavours. The most crucial aspect of boba tea is that it is very fresh and is generally inspired by the flavours of tropical fruits. Although one will also find it in chocolate and butterscotch-like variants, the most popular ones remain the fruit versions. Now that the sun is at its zenith, it's time to make different types of Boba teas at home. Here are some summer Boba teas that one can try.

* Honeydew Milk Tea

Eating some fresh melons in summer may not be everyone's first choice, but drinking bubble tea made from melons is going to change one's perception of this fruit. This is a ripe and very cool bubble tea that is creamy and yet extremely fruity. This boba tea has a very calming green colour and a subtle sweet taste. It can be perfectly paired with some brown sugar boba or chewy tapioca pearls. Honeydew milk tea is going to give the right cooling effect to the body on hot summer days and is also the right way to use honeydew melons.

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* Strawberry Milk Tea

Strawberry milk is satisfying and very vibrant in taste. Strawberries naturally have a sweet and sour taste so one doesn't have to have a lot of ingredients in the tea to make it multi-flavoured. For sweetness, one can add a little bit of honey along with the strawberries. The overall flavour is a mixture of citrus notes, sweetness, and creaminess. It can be topped with some jelly or strawberry-popping boba. If one wants to make it even more flavourful then they can make a mixture of kiwis and strawberries. 

* Mango Tea

Mango is the perfect fruit for making bubble tea as it has the right amount of sweetness in tropical flavours. When combined with some green tea, it gives the most smooth and heartwarming flavours. It is also very popular because it's quite effortless to make as mango itself is a very flavourful fruit. Adding some milk helps in bringing the right kind of flavours from mangoes and also infusing creaminess. One can add some classic boba toppings and tapioca pearls for the finishing touches. 

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* Coconut Milk Tea

Coconut milk tea is an indulgent bubble tea for people who like the drinks to be extra creamy. It can be made with either black or green tea as a base. People who like their bubble tea to be very subtle and have notes can add green tea. On the other hand, people who like bold and more in-depth flavours can add black tea. This tea is perfectly paired with some tapioca pearls and a little bit of coconut jelly. It is creamy and refreshing in the tropical climate and very adventurous.

* Matcha Tea

Matcha is a vibrant and earthy Japanese green tea that is not just refreshing but also very unique in terms of its flavours. A lot of people like to describe its taste as something similar to green vegetables, but it has undertones with a little bit of sweetness. This tea is made by mixing matcha powder with a little bit of hot milk and then some non-dairy creamer as well as some source of sweetness. These are paired with some simple whipped cream and tapioca pearls. The herbal flavours of the tea also go well with grass jelly.

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* Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Brown sugar milk tea is very popular in a lot of Southeast Asian countries because it consists of a generous portion of brown sugar that is not just tasty but visually gorgeous. The taste of this tea is very much like molasses and a base of robust black tea is used to make this bubble tea. Brown sugar milk tea is a sweeter version of black milk tea and preparation is pretty much similar to traditional black milk tea. The only difference is one has to add some tapioca pearls and blood sugar boba.